Would Jesus High Five the Easter Bunny?

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter everyone. I hope there has already been dirth of Hot Cross Buns and chocolate for breakfast….this being one of only two days (the other also being in the name of J.C.) that you can really scoff choc before 8am in good conscience (although I never have been a stickler for that rule). It’s a brilliant, super long weekend that we all look forward to annually, no matter what our religious beliefs, but the fact is today is all about Jesus rising from the dead after some pretty bad dudes tortured him to death for his beliefs. He wanted to make a change and live his life differently to them and teach people about love.

Kinda simplified, but that’s the nutshell, right?

I was baptised Church of England and went to Christian schools until some fairly unchristian stuff went down in highschool and I opted to go to the local public high, so I guess one could say I kinda know my shizzle. I’ve had a religious education, and I’ve even gone a little step further and done more reading outside of ‘the required’ to get more of an idea of what actually went on back in the days of the funky sandal. I would most definitely say I’m very spiritual, but I do not follow Catholicism per se. I do believe in a Divine Universal energy, and I sometimes look into D Man’s eyes and I certainly see The Divine looking back at me….but we are all children of it, are we not?

My mum was so religious in her teens that she wanted to be nun. She had some amazing teachers, whom she greatly respected, and whom possibly made a habit look chic but thankfully, she discovered and boys and flares and my fate was back on track (my Dad actually kinda had a ‘Jesus’ look going on then, except I think he was less sandal, more platform – I’d have to verify that though). Mum’s beliefs would definitely have to be something that have shaped my mine. I would say these days she’s probably closer to Buddhism, if one had to label, but Catholicism is a funny beast that runs deep, even when you’re over 60 with a lifetime of discoveries under your belt.

Mister H’s family are not religious at all. He has a surprising knowledge of the bible though, and he sometimes pips me in a discussion, which I find endlessly annoying because it just goes onto the pile of subjects he knows more than me about. I’ve never actually had a theological discussion with my outlaws, so I don’t really know what their deepest thoughts are on the matter, I wonder what they believe happens after death? That’s one of the biggest things that religion is about, right? If I’m good it’s heaven, or 40 virgins, or whatever and if I’m bad it’s eternal damnation and fire and brimstone.

I don’t know if it’s as important these days to actually identify yourself as one particular faith, although the very idea of faith itself is important. It’s nice to believe in something……that said, I’m a huge believer in angels and fairies and I imagine that somewhere, sometime, someone would probably have tortured me for that. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Jesus was an amazing guy, and his teachings were very relevant. It’s a shame people were so threatened that they killed him for his ideas but I wonder, if they didn’t, how that story would end? If the Romans were tolerant of Jesus’ views, then what would the face of Catholicism look like?  What would we all be doing with our weekend this weekend?

I read a great book called Conversations With God sometime ago in which a man had exactly that. It was a very frank conversation with God and I have to say it was quite insightful, as it wasn’t fire and brimstone at all. I think that the basic message was love, understanding and kindness and once again, no judgement. It was quite a long conversation, it seems, as after the first book’s success he wrote about 9 more books and has now created an empire. Apparently, this God business can be quite lucrative (not cynical, just observing!).

I haven’t decided yet what I want to teach D Man, and his sister-to-be, about religion. I think most importantly I need to teach them empathy and love for their fellow man. They ought to be quick to forgive and be helpful to others. They need to be tolerant and patient, humble, courageous and open minded. I think they can make up their own mind what they believe if I gently guide them in these things because, really, the very essence of religion, all religion, should be these fundamental basics. Be a good person. Do unto others…….

Anyway, have a great day with your family, or nursing your hangover, or whatever you’re doing…..we’re hunting for Easter eggs.

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