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May 9, 2012

After spending my first proper night on the dance floor of the Newborn Disco, I can say with a fair amount of conviction that, yep, I had indeed forgotten – I mean, really FORGOTTEN. I do not recall ever having an evening like the last with D Man. In my rose coloured memories, D Man fell directly into a three hourly night time feeding routine which I thought was difficult to adjust to but at least, predictable. Last night was anything but predictable and served only to remind me how long one single passing the moon can actually be when you’re sitting in a house were everyone is sleeping, or at least pretending to, except you and your tiny, frustrating new person whom you really don’t understand yet.

Needless to say, I’m feeling decidedly wrung out today. It was a fairly fast and furious labour. Totally different from my last, but just as much fun was had by all. It’s not called labour for nothing, huh? I took my cramping tummy in for a scheduled midwife check-up, thinking I was still miles away from the good stuff, and ascertained I was indeed 4cms dilated. No wonder I felt like I was walking around with a bowling ball in my knickers. They suggested I didn’t go home as they feared I would not make it back in time. Luckily, THE BAG was in the car. I’ll spare you the details of the next few hours, but I must say my husband is amazing and my dear friend, L’il C, who was our support person, did an amazing job. Without them I would surely have hurled myself head-first from the first floor window of our birth suite, without bothering to open the window first…. I tried a few times but they pried my fingers from the window sill and talked me back into the shower.

I’m a ‘hospital is for sick people or people allowed morphine’ type of girl so as soon as we were both got checked out (and ascertained they wouldn’t give me any of the good gear) we came home so I could rest in my own bed with my family around me. Much nicer as my Mama is here and she was cooking dinner!

It’s lovely to have my Mum here, especially as she’s bought her hand written recipe book with her. There are recipes written in there by old friends from all around the world and many from my Nana, passed down from who knows where. It was funny as she was flicking through my recipe book and she noted that there were some of her recipes in there written in Nana’s handwriting. We all steal from each other, it’s seems. Over the next few weeks I’ll no doubt be stealing borrowing some of her foodie love to share with y’all….actually, I’ll probably just photograph what she’s made and claim it as my own. What are family for? More about her infamous recipe book later….back to me.

D Man meeting his sister for the first time was like watching National Geographic. (THINK ATTENBOROUGH) ‘How will the small members of the tribe react to each other?’ Well, I’m proud to announce that Ratty, D Man’s best, furry, friend kissed her straight away and then D Man reached over and tenderly ‘beep beeped’ her nose. Perhaps a little unorthodox in another family, but for us it’s a fair sign of acceptance if ever I’ve seen one. I must admit the she did bring him a highly coveted gift of a new scooter. How can you dislike someone bearing gifts?

The little lady is sleeping like the proverbial bambina now, I guess she’s plum tuckered out after her first night at the disco……she’ll no doubt sleep it off all day and do it all over again tonight. Can’t blame her much, that behaviour definitely comes from my side. She’ll settle down in her 30’s.

God, help us.

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  • Reply Nealie May 10, 2012 at 12:48 am

    Ooooh, she’s ever so lovely. My condolences you’re back to nocturnal living. It never get’s any easier, infact physically tougher, however emotionally not as stressful as you learn that this too shall pass & she isn’t harbouring some undiagnosed rare congenital abnormality!! If there really is solace in shared experience remind yourself tonight that 300,000 women gave birth over the same couple of hours you did & tonight most of you are all suffering through the same boogey fever!! Much love to you & your little family xxx

    • Reply Keeping Up With The Holsbys May 10, 2012 at 1:06 am

      you just brought a very big smile to my face… will bring solace indeed, and I’ll be humming Boogey Fever all day now thanks to you!!
      And god knows, that sage advice has come from a pro…..thanks Neals xxxx

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