Patience in the Face of Homicidal Tendencies

May 26, 2012

Fatigue effects everybody in different ways. Some people get emotional, and some people get irrational. Some people become utter bitches and some people get homicidal…..and then there’s me. I become all of those things, wrapped up in a zombie with greasy hair and milk stains on my t-shirt. Ok, I don’t really have greasy hair, I’m on top of my personal hygiene, at least for this week. I was just exaggerating to paint the picture…….apparently I’m prone to this. I’m not exaggerating about the milk stains though. Can’t seem to get on top of that at the moment.

I seem to recall myself mentioning how well I was handling all the night time waking last week and I’d like to amend my statement. Although at the time of waking in the dead of night, I’m thrilled to see KiKi’s sweet, little, hungry face, I must admit to feeling a tad weary during the day with a patience wick in the negatives making me feel, at times, like everyone is out to piss me off and perhaps my head may explode leaving one more mess for me to clean up. Otherwise, I think I’m all over this two sproglet caper.

I’m managing mostly to be very patient with D Man, so if you were to do the math – who does that leave to bear the brunt of my wrath? Poor ol’ Mister H…..oh, and Mister Fluffy Pants (not a pseudonym, that’s actually my cat’s name). I think they’ve both felt the chill this week, and I don’t mean the change in the weather. I really don’t appreciate being woken up by being walked all over at 4.30am with whiskers tickling my nose when I’ve just managed to drift back off – Just in case it’s not clear, that would be the cat, not Mister H. Mister H values his testicles way more than to attempt even nasal tickling at this precarious stage of the game.

But I’ve been tired before, deathly tired, in fact, and I managed not to be cranky for the ENTIRE 11 months D Man didn’t sleep for….so why so irritable now?

I did a spot of soul searching and had a rather intense discussion with Mister H (read: teeny, little argument – really ¬†read:………. you get the picture) and it came to me like a bolt of lightning. I realised I have a rather large dose of Fever of the Cabin. I need to get out!
It’s not that I haven’t left the house, because I’ve been for walks and stuff, but my routine has been seriously messed with. It would appear I’m a creature of habit, not the spontaneous, fabulous creature of my imagination, and my habits have been altered somewhat of late. Between my guests, and my husband at home, not to mention the obvious recent nipple monster shaped change in our lives, things have been a tad shaken up around the homestead…….so that’s IT!!!
I’ve decided that I own next week!

D Man and I are back on his social schedule and we’re getting busy as of Monday. I’m dusting off our Junior Jiving shoes, and we are stepping’ out. D Man doesn’t even like Junior Jivers most of the time, but we’re doing it, dammit! Hell, I may even bake some cookies, and wear a clean top, for playgroup.

I’m sure once I fool myself into a sense of normality, my usual peppy demeanour will return and I’ll be my charming self once more.

I hope so for Mister Fluffy Pants’ sake…..oh, and for Mister H’s (I love you, darling xx).

I love this picture of my darling holding my bambinos……he looks a little tired too. Needs to harden up, really.

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  • Reply Helen May 27, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    Dan – don’t knock greasy hair. It has been my look for the last 5 months now. I could completely relate to this post – just ask Rosco!

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