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June 18, 2012

I love my iPhone, I don’t know how I ever lived without it, so please bear that in mind as I type this treasonous, indeed sacrilegious, sentence…..I curse the iPhone revolution. Petewy (that’s me spitting in the dirt all dramatically and stuff).

When Mister H and I first started dating he thought I was really smart. I knew so much about so many subjects. I was dazzling, I was fascinating, I was interesting, but then it happened. He got an iPhone. You see, the problem is I am a shameless embellisher…..more than that, I remember tiny snippets of info from an article I read 100 years ago (or so, you know how it is) and I fill in my own blanks. I know a lot about a few subjects, and I know a bit about many subjects and often, when posed with a question rather than responding ‘I don’t know’, I’ll draw a little on said knowledge, a little on logic, a lot on fairy dust, and I’ll just make something up.

It’s not lying. Most of the time it’s sounds right, to my ears anyway, so it practically is the truth……but now? Now?

Now, Mister H has stinking Google in his pocket. Petewy.

We all do….and Facebook, and iTunes, and Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja, and eBay, and Pinterest, and Ask The Cheesemonger, and, and, and about 500,000 (not an embellishment) other apps available through the Apple Store, and other leading Smartphones are not far behind, if they’re not ahead (which means I don’t know and I’m making it up). I personally have cut down on my Facebook time. I now only check it about 500 times a day, and don’t even ask about my blog statistics. Since I gave up the bathroom scales, it appears I’ve merely transferred my numbers obsession.

I recently read an article entitled ‘Are you really there for your kids or are you on your iPhone?’. Doesn’t take a genius to work out what it was about, but it really highlighted how in the ‘olden days’ when people were out playing with their kids in the park, they were totally 100% present, and now people seem to be on their phones. I denied it for it second and then realised hells yeah, I’m on that damn phone all the time. It’s practically attached to my hand like some android appendage. Is it habit left over from when I was working, or am I just bored? I certainly don’t have any pressing emails to check daily. I’m hardly going to be getting an invitation to Parliament, or a notification of a lotto win so I probably could do with checking it only once a day. Maybe twice.

I was talking to a young mum I know and do you know what she said to me?
NO PHONE???????
How ever do people contact her at inopportune moments? A phone trilling in the silent room as you try to settle a baby, a distant ring making you speed pee….. she simply isn’t living!!!
It was delightfully refreshing to hear her say ‘right now I’m here talking to you, and I’ll be home soon enough if I’m needed’.
Man, to be honest, it made me want to take my delightfully refreshed self over to my bag and check my phone in case anything important had come in in the half hour.

It doesn’t end there though. I’m not proud to admit this but I have a sneaking suspicion that am I not alone when I say, of an evening, after dinner (probably eaten on the couch in front of the tv), Mister H and I may well be guilty of multiple phones and computers on the go. After a brief discussion about our day (I probably did some washing, went to the park and the supermarket…..yawn. He went to work and did some stuff  and stuff with this program that something something to do something…..I’m usually gone about there) we dive feet first into the sticky world wide web and often, barely talk. That’s terrible! What happened to us??? Were we always so……..boring???

Has it happened to you too? Have you fallen victim to the ‘revolution’ of technology?
This week, and from here on in, I vow to clear a space on the dining table and eat with my husband, music on, tv off, at least twice a week. We will have dinner conversation, no matter how boring, and we will make an effort……hell, who knows what it might lead to?
He might help with the washing up.

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