Sending Respects to Aurora, Colorado

July 25, 2012

What a terrible, terrible thing it was that happened this week in Aurora. For those who live in a cave, I’m refering to a young, academically gifted loner named James Holmes, who slowly accrued a stash of weapons, body armour, tear gas and 6000 rounds of ammo and opened fire at a midnight showing of the new Batman flick.
12 people were killed and 58 were injured, with some still in a critical condition.

What a terrible, terrible thing.

James Holmes’ mother, Arlene, said that although she was across the other side of the country, she had a gut instinct that her son was responsible for this heinous crime – the biggest massacre since the Columbine shootings in 1999.

I wonder what that means? She, nor police, are revealing exactly how she knew, but she does say she knew he’d been struggling to get a job of late. What changes did she see in her boy in the days, and months leading up to this atrocity? She must have seen something, felt something, or else she would never in a million years make the jump from hearing this terrible news to instinctively knowing it was her child. Obviously, she had no way of anticipating that her son would snap like this, becoming a mass murderer, and she is in no way responsible, but you can bet your arse she’s blaming herself and questioning her choices right now.
I guess it does raise the question of nature versus nurture, and I can’t help but wonder – what the hell happened?
What makes an, from all reports, incredibly bright, seemingly nice boy – a good son – carry out such pre-meditated horror? Is it just a flipped wire in his head? Or is he simply evil? We will never know.
Yes, indeed, my heart goes out to his mother and hope that she can sleep at night again some day soon.

Were violent video games to blame in the demise of this young man? There have been many studies time and again proving that the violence in these games desensitizes against violence and makes it seem the norm.
Not to make light of the situation, the reports I read only say this kid played ‘Guitar Hero’, and I don’t think that could be the culprit.

Although James Holmes is wholly resposible for his actions, I think we can most certainly point some of the dark finger of blame on U.S. gun laws. None of the Presidential candidates will touch the issue due to so much government funding coming from the Gun Lobbies. The adage “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” appears to be biting the Nation in it’s arse.
Here, in Australia, illegal gun ownership, and subsequent use is apparently on the rise, but at least you have to be relatively wily to obtain it. This poor, silly, sick boy got his arsenal online.
From the comfort of his loungeroom.
God knows how he paid for it, but the evidence of his stockpiling is right there for anyone who’d care to look for it.

It truly is a terrible, terrible thing.

For me, I think of these poor people who went to the movies, all excited about a premier, and now their families will never hold them again.
It, once more, brings home that our time could be up at any time and we really need to ensure that the people we love know about it, and that we live each day with integrity and joy. Anything could happen, at any moment, but I pray to God that nothing like this ever happens again.

With that, I send love and light to all of the victims and their families.
I also send love and light to the family of the accused, because they’re hurting right now also.

Lastly, I send love and light to James Holmes himself. You may think this strange, but he needs it, for he is not right, and he has done a truly, terrible, terrible thing.

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  • Reply mummyfit July 25, 2012 at 7:56 am

    I too wondered what the parents must be feeling. How a good boy can turn into..this? Going to the movies, anywhere, we take it for granted. We all trust each other not to do such a bad thing. I do feel angry and vengeful sometimes, but what can cause a person to do something like this? It reminds me, I have been safe all this time, but as you say…anything can happen, any time, and we should be grateful every day that we are still alive and well and planning a future, paving the way for our children to live a safe and happy life. It is terribly sad. Why target innocent people? What was his message to us all?

  • Reply Mooselicker July 25, 2012 at 9:02 am

    I wrote a blog post about this recently and there’s no point in really repeating anything I said there. I think the guy felt alone and had lost hope. Massacres don’t happen one day at random. It had been stirring up inside him for a while.

    I think the gun laws will actually change now. With Columbine at least they can say the kids were disturbed or bullied. They targeted jocks and other kids who were different. This shooting was completely random with its victims. A senator can protect his family by sending them to a nice school. Out in public is a different story.

    • Reply Keeping Up With The Holsbys July 25, 2012 at 8:22 pm

      What about everyone dashing out to arm themselves against it happening in the future?
      Man, oh man, craziness.
      I’ll try pop over to your blog and see your thoughts. I’m interested to hear more of what you think.

      • Reply Mooselicker July 26, 2012 at 12:55 am

        I don’t think people are dashing out so much to protect themselves for the future. Most of them are people buying up guns incase a law does get passed and they’re left with an arsenal instead of an entire fortress.

  • Reply grapesgripesandgratitude July 25, 2012 at 11:11 am

    I struggle with this, respectfully. I, for one, could care less about the jackass that took those lives and choose to focus on the precious people that are no longer here. However, I really really struggle with blaming gun laws. It was a PERSON, a deranged person that killed, not a gun. Although I DO believe one needs to go through more than just an internet site to obtain a gun-no doubt! However should we bane airplanes since 9/11 or cars due to the hellashish car accidents from drunks and druggies? Im sure if it wasnt s gun, he couldve made a bomb of some sort from directions on the internet I’m sorry I normally do not do this. I love the sentiments to the families. So deserved. And truthfully we are all entitled to how we approach this horrific time. Thanks for posting about it.

    • Reply Keeping Up With The Holsbys July 25, 2012 at 8:29 pm

      Firstly, thank you for your comment. I love that you left one and I love that you disagree with me.
      One thing I love more than the sound of my own voice, is engaging people’s thoughts and debating!
      You have a strong point, and I already said he is responsible, however guns are made for destruction, whereas planes and cars are more incidental weapons.
      The sheer numbers of shootings in the US proves something is amiss (not to mention the subsequent influx in weapons purchases if the last few days).
      We are in agreeance that the victims and their families need our blessings, so we stand together in that.

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