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Proudly Presenting……The Toddler Friendly Recipe Series.

November 7, 2012

Ok, let’s get this party started………….

Drum roll, please.



Cue dancing bears (politically correct ones only, say, cartoon bears with red tutus.)

Enter white horses with girls in silver sequined leotards blowing trumpets whilst playing harps…….

Laaydiiiiiiiies aaaaaaaand gentlemeeeeeeeen, we at Holsby Inc. are delighted  to present to you, an original recipe book series that will revolutionise your family’s life (or mealtimes, at least).

The ‘Toddler Friendly’ recipe book series is about making your life easier whilst preparing nutritious and fast food for your family. These ebooks are a collection of my most family friendly original recipes presented with stories to brighten your day.

Each book contains three never before (nor ever will be) published recipes, all, naturally, accompanied by my fabulous wit and charm.

These ebooks cater for all-levels of kitchen capability, and I endeavor to encourage you into a new way of thinking for your family’s meals. All recipes have been extensively tested on fussy eaters and little piggies alike.

If you’re stuck in a rut, preparing the same three or four meals for your family, these books are for you, and the stories may just help you belly laugh your way through the mealtime mayhem.

Bon appetit!

‘A fabulous collection of healthy treats and meals for small kids, with some hilarious tales along the way. These are the stories missing from cooking books! Well done, Danielle!’
Beth MacDonald, BabyMac

Well, what a breath of fresh air these books are! I have two very fussy eaters and was always having to make separate meals. After trying a few of Danielle’s recipe’s I now no longer need to do this, we all eat the same thing!  Not having a lot of time on my hands with two little ones plus # 3 on the way plus running my own business I am amazed at how easy the recipes are to follow.  Being in the health & fitness industry it is imperative that my family & I eat healthy meals & Danielle’s recipe’s tick this box also!
 I love the humour & real life stories. I find that I am not only reading a fool-proof recipe, but having a laugh along the way with her humorous & entertaining stories about life.
Thanks Danielle!
Yasmin Tselepis, Owner/Director Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness

I’m thrilled to announce some of my favorite peeps and products have shown their support for my ebooks by throwing some great gifts my way to pass on to 4 lucky buyers.

Our very fortunate first prize winner will receive a cheesetastic masterclass with MacIntosh and Bowman Cheesemongers in Sydney. You will receive an artisan cheese education and appreciation class valued at $99 GV. You choose your own adventure according to your tipple of choice;

  • Boutique Craft Beer & Artisan Cheese
  • Whisky & Artisan Cheese
  • Wine & Artisan Cheese

Generally, I will only put people with Sydney postcodes in the draw for this prize, however, if you live elsewhere and want to travel to experience this cheesy goodness then please drop me a comment.

3 other lucky winners will receive gift packs with some of my favorite supermarket items in it. These are things that are always in my pantry, and now I would like them to be in yours.

Red Island Olive Oil is, in my opinion, the best olive available in mainstream supermarkets.
100% Australian owned, the olives grown in our home soil and climate create a distinctly different flavour to their European counterparts. It’s green and herbaceous flavour makes it perfect for salad dressings, drizzling and even just dunking bread.
I’ve paid up to $40 for great olive oil, but Red Island is as affordable as it is delicious.

Marion Grasby became a house-hold name after being a Masterchef contestant, and she now is creating and distributing her own line of Thai and Asian foods, Marion’s Kitchen. I have found these ‘Marion’ boxes a god-send in these last months on those nights that I’m too tired to be fabulous on my own and I need a little helping hand.
Ranging from Thai Curries, to Sang Choy Bow, her whole range can be on the table in about half an hour, but they do not compromise on flavour. I don’t use packet foods, but this is a whole new level of quick cooking. You add fresh ingredients, and Marion brings the flavour.

Lindt Chocolate…..need I say more?

Palmolive is a household name synonymous with saving you from ‘dishpan hands’. Their new Heavenly Hands Raspberry Foam will do just that and leave you smelling like berries. Perfect for keeping by the sink to ensure your hands are always clean!

These are products that I honestly love and I’m thrilled that they’re supporting my launch. Sadly, only people residing in Australia are eligible for prizes…..although international buyers will be gifted with my eternal gratitude……..

But the love does not stop there, my pretties, no, no.

‘I am super blown away by these books- they are divine and it’s so enjoyable to get distracted from what your trying to make… or just consider making, with your quirky, funny tales. I love that you write like you talk! I can hear you when I read!!’
Claudia MacIntosh Bowman, MacIntosh Bowman Cheesemongers

Toddler Friendly Cooking and Toddler Friendly Baking will each be selling separately for $15.oo, but as a thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey, for a limited time, I want to do a launch special of $25.00 for the two ebooks!

That’s an extra fiver in your pocket!!

These ebooks are the perfect gift for Christms as you save on wrapping and postage. That’s even more savings to spend on life’s important things like wine and coffee!

Buy now here!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to send in a review or a comment or love of any kind.

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  • Reply Mrs D November 7, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Congratulations lovely – if I had toddlers I’d be purchasing them in a snap…am still considering it as I’m a sucker for Lindt chocolate..but then who isn’t? Keep up the fab work Mrs H xxx

  • Reply sybaritica November 7, 2012 at 10:04 am

    Wow … Total congrats on doing the book! I’m hoping to turn my attention to something like that in the new year after I complete my post-a-day-for-a-year blog project. I’m super impressed (and envious)!

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