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November 24, 2012

I went through a tough time in the first 12 weeks after Kiki was born.

I don’t think I had post-natal depression, and I loved my new baby wholly and soully, but it was a big adjustment for the whole family and at times I felt I was alone at sea in a rocky boat.

It wasn’t fun at all. Imagine multiplying it by 10, or 50, or 100……

I wrote a little article for Post-Natal Depression Week for the Bub Hub about some super mood boosting foods that we should all eat every day, no matter who we are, or where we are in our lives.

Well functioning brains, and hormonally balanced people cope better in every day life, let alone extreme circumstance!

Did I eat these foods when I was blue?

Well, I guess. I eat these foods all the time, they’re always in my cupboard. Reckon, I should have also been stocking valium. That had the monicker of ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ in the ’70’s, didn’t it?

The human body is a complex and beautiful machine. What many people don’t realise, or choose not to, is that what we power our machines with plays a really large part in how our machines perform.

Just as the type of petrol we use in our car affects its performance, the type of fuel we consume affects ours. We all know about it when it comes to our energy levels, but what about our mood? Can what we eat affect our moods?

To read more, get your click on here

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