Messy play ideas for you and your kin

January 19, 2013

messy playGetting down and dirty is so much fun when you’re a kid, but as parents we often only think of the mess….the endless mess that fills our days!

I wrote a little article for Be A Fun Mum yesterday with a few simple ideas of messy play that is not that messy, but loads of fun.

When you’re cleaning about 5000 little messes, a few hundred big messes and seemingly endless poo every day, it’s really easy to dread the very thought of creating more mess.

When my son, D Man’s, favourite toy was his blocks, I could be picking up those lurid little cubes up to a gazillion times a day. He’d toddle up to me with the bag of mega-blocks in his paw, and sometimes I think he loved the sound of all the bits falling onto the wooden floor, more than the actual building.

I can remember once asking my mother-in-law, with the full air of a martyr, “How many times do you think I pick these up in a day?”

“If you were smart, only once,” was her sage response.


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