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June 30, 2013

illierate infantI’ve got a little thing going on with another man at the moment. He’s funny, charming and thought provoking.

Sounds kinda cool, huh?

He is.

His blog, The Illiterate Infant, chronicles his journeys as a Dad of two girls and hubster to a patient woman. As a Daddy blogger, he offers insight from ‘the other side’, and without such insight I may never have understood the importance of teaching my kids air guitar, and picking your battles wisely when sleep deprived.

He invited me to go and hang out with him at his blog today, so I wrote a little somethin’ somethin’ about Mister H, and probably most men, about losing their bachelor and finding a family.

If you just judged from Dad dancing or Dad jokes, it would appear that many dudes are totally cut out for fatherhood. Even so, if asked weeks before impending fatherhood if they were ready, many guys would admit (mostly out of earshot of their significant other – for safety reasons) that they were in fact not even close to ready.

My husband, Mister H, was one such guy.

Even though we both knew how babies were made, I think the sight of that double line on the stick was enough to send the poor man prematurely grey.

I was elated and terrified, just like the average first time mama, and as the pregnancy progressed I bonded more with the child concealed inside my flesh, and my excitement at the thought of meeting my little one rose.

I think it was almost the opposite for my husband. 

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father and son wrestling

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