Portrait 365 : 57, 58, 59, 60

March 1, 2014


‘I’m streaking today’

‘Does that mean what I think it means?’

‘Nah, it means I can’t miss’

I found Eric streaking with his buddies at the local PCYC centre. Luckily, I wasn’t tempted to streak too.



‘We just celebrated our 63rd wedding anniversary’

‘Tell me the secret to a long marriage’

‘Oh, no, I don’t want to talk about that’

This man, Fred, is my grandfather. He’s 89 years old. 1940’s big band music makes him very happy.



‘I have to feed, burp and change her for two days for a school project’

‘What’s your baby’s name’

‘She doesn’t have a name. I just want to keep her happy.’

I saw a bunch of high school dudes gently passing around this doll. I had to go and find out what the story was. The baby was Shirley’s project, but her burley looking boy buddies were also taking turns to nurse the baby.

I wanted to high five their school.



‘I’m Batman’

Kindy disco. Biggest Friday night out I’ve had in a while.

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