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March 12, 2014


‘I have three bikes but my favourite is a pink ladies bike with spoke dokes. I got it for my wife but when she upgraded I kept it. I want to show people that I’m teaching that it’s not about gear, it’s about transport.’

Rob teaches cycling during the week, but on the weekends he volunteers for Bicycle Garden, an organisation that teaches people to fix their bike, and fixes bikes old bikes to give to refugees. That’s way cool.



‘What most important for me is that my kids see that I’m strong, and I’m doing something I love and that I’m happy.’

Paige is my friend who can fly. She’s absolutely breathtaking, in every sense.



‘What advice would I give my 21 year old other than a good kick up the arse? Oh God, he’s young, dumb and full of….’

Michelle works at my local supermarket and whenever I see her she just beams that big ol’ smile and is so happy. I found out why she loves works so much….. she has 6 kids at home.



‘I can walk but I have a hip issue that prevents me from running. The chair is hard and people in a wheelchair full time have much better control of the chair than I do.’

I saw Georgia busting out some mean b’ball at the stadium. I was so impressed by her co-ordination that I had to go and chat to her. She training for the Australian U25’s basketball team. I’m totally in awe, not just because I ave no hand/eye coordination, but because it’s awesome to see someone striving for their dreams regardless of the set backs.

Apologies for the blurry pic, I tried to rush it on my iPhone but I had to use it anyway because I loved Georgia.

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    Wow 6 kids at home! SHEESH, I’d be working too. Great pics 🙂

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