Portrait 365 : 120 – 124

May 2, 2014

I have shot so much in the last two days. I haven’t blogged this week because I’ve been consumed by this idea that I’m working to get out of me before I get distracted by unimportant stuff.

I’m working on a project with some amazingly brave ladies who are getting their kit off in my lounge and letting me get up close and personal with their bodies.

It’s beautiful, and humbling, and emotional, and we laugh and talk. It somehow feels like secret women’s business except I get to document and share it.

Stay tuned this weekend for that post, and in the meantime here is this week’s Portrait 365 line up which, I may add, contains a comment that I have not been able to get out of my head.

I fell a little in love with Greg when he said it.



“The last time someone broke my heart I started to realise that I was strangely enjoying the sensation. A heart is kinda wasted unless it’s feeling, truly feeling. From joy to anger. From laughter to tears. From falling in love to being dumped. When it gets a workout like that, our heart expands and gives us greater empathy. And it makes falling in love again all that more sweeter.”

Stolen image

Stolen portrait



“When I was about 5 a saw a big spider crawling on my bedroom wall but my mum said I was hallucinating. I don’t think I was, and I still hate spiders.”





“My kids and their open minds and values give me hope that when our kids get into power things will change for the better.”



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