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The tee shirt X File and Chai Chia breakfast trifle

August 10, 2014

chai chia breakfast trifle

(sorry there is no ingredients shot. I planned on doing it this morning but I’ve been up all night with a sick babe and I’m uninspired to say the least.)

I posed a little question on Facebook the other day about the infuriating mystery that is the little holes that appear in EVERY. SINGLE. tee shirt I own in the front at the bottom.

I thought I was alone in this strange phenomenon but I was comforted to discover that this wardrobe scourge is widespread and equally frustrating across the globe. Possibly the Universe.

You may think this is barely a topic worth writing about but by jove, I want to get to the freakin’ bottom of this shit.

Many people suggested it was all about the belt buckle rubbing on it, but then other sufferers of this professed to never wearing belts with their jeans (how do they keep them up? Another hard hitting, life changing subject for another day).

People queried the height of my kitchen bench, on the presumption that I grind myself back and forth as I cook…. alas, this is not it either. Firstly my kitchen bench is as smooth as a proverbial baby’s butt, and secondly, I don’t actually spend as much time in the kitchen as you may think, but if this was the case, why only my tees?

Why not everything I wear?

One reader swears it’s moths. She said her entire tee shirt collection is the same, as is her husbands. But are moths really that OCD that they all only want to eat that one little delectable spot that possibly smacks of bellybutton pheromones? What I loved best about her comment was a thread that followed when her sympathetic friend offered condolences for her moth plague and offered a shoulder if ever she needed to talk about it without fear of judgement.

Have I ever mentioned how funny you guys are? I love my peeps (and their imaginary moths). You endlessly amuse the shit out of me.

People thought their washing machines were too rough, or their cat was doing something jerky all over their tees, and I am still no closer to the truth.

The truth is out there, peeps. We need Moulder and Scully on this shit post haste.

He's obviously trying to hide the holes..... onto you, Mulder.

He’s obviously trying to hide the holes….. onto you, Mulder.

When I google “why do my tee shirts…”

“Why do my tee shirts get holes at the bottom” comes up third on the list. THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM.

The internets worry that they are too fat, or the quality of their tees are too shit, but the explanation that all roads keep coming back to is this –


tee shirt x file


I’m sure that all of this super sleuthing has made you ravenous for a breakfast of champions and being as chia is packed with Omega 3 it’s proper brain food so you’ll be back on the case in no time….

I have some great loose Chai tea so I made a pot for this….. you could use Chai tea bags if you have, but not that Chai Latte stuff cos it’s FULL of sugar (which is why it’s so yummy)

chai chia breakfast trifle

Chai Chia Breakfast Trifle

What you will need :

  • 300ml black Chai tea
  • 80 ml coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup of chia
  • honey to taste
  • apple or pear, berries and yoghurt to serve

What you will need to do :

Steep your tea for a good 10-15 minutes, add your coconut milk and honey to the tea. Pop your chia and the tea into the container, cover and toss in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, grate your apple or pear and stir it through the chia mix.

Pop a spoon into your serving bowl, add a layer of yoghurt and berries, then add another layer of chia topped with more yoghurt and berries.

Seriously great way to start the day!

chai chia breakfast trifle get in my mouth

I always smirk at my breakfast before I eat it.

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  • Reply Beck, Craig August 10, 2014 at 9:34 am


    This is something that has disturbed me for years and I always thought it was because if my belly.

    Some shirts wear out quicker than others, some can appear just after a week and ruin the best most comfortable T ever. (Bowie & pink Floyd ).

    I thought it may have been silverfish but rilles that out fairly quickly when it was the same spot. Changed belts also.

    I never tuck mine in so does it happen tucked in also?

    It can’t be the friction from pant button surely. We if any track suit wearers have the same problem.

  • Reply San August 10, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    Could it be from toddlers toenails/shoes/sandals when you carry them? I know the holes in ALL my shirts are from my toddlers (the 4 legged variety) jumping up and managing to catch their nails on my shirts every bloody time. Our furry kids are not allowed to jump up so they choose to do so when you come in from shopping with hands full and your self defense mechanism is rendered useless. I’m not suggesting you don’t carry your kids for heavens sakes, it’s just a thought. Other than that, you know when you’ve had a coupla’ champers and you just want to get back out there and partay? Based on my experience this can lead to jeans catching in fly as jeans done up = hole. My next guess is silverfish. Do you fold your t-shirts when you put them away, those lil’ bastards LOVE to nibble along the leading edge of the fold. Telltale sign? Wood dust in drawers (no I don’t mean your underwear) Cure? Kerosene. Be prepared to have NO drawer space for about a month whilst you air your furniture to get rid of the smell! Having read this back I now realise I’m either anal or I have Asperger’s :o(

    • Reply Keeping Up With The Holsbys August 10, 2014 at 2:33 pm

      You’re definitely odd.
      I don’t fold them all the same, so I’m not buying that… And I sure ain’t getting out and about stinking like kero!!

      • Reply San August 10, 2014 at 9:30 pm

        You’re right, I think I have both…. thanks for the compliment. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s had to say about me for like for ages…

  • Reply San August 10, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Ooooops, meant to say hope your beautiful babe is feeling much better real soon… get well bubble!!!!

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