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Travelling the world out there…. plus win the ultimate foodie holiday

October 4, 2014
travelling the world out there


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In the day to day grind I forget that I have a roaming heart, an adventuring heart that enjoys discovering new places and cultures and meeting new people.

Exploring the world and all it has to offer, the food, the history, the sites.

Did I mention the food?

Once upon a time I traveled far and wide. No ties to anywhere, no responsibilities, no worry greater than whether I could afford my next ticket and a cold beer.


travel the world out there



Or dysentery.

The couple of times I was touched by that evil hand I worried considerably. Or should I say begged to be allowed to just die in a puddle of my own stench. Like that one time at poo camp  I was so ill on a train from Varanasi, the beautiful town by the Ganges in India, to Katmandu in Nepal.

Never has an eight hour train journey stretched for such an eternity of internal agony.

travelling the world out there


My parents have roaming hearts also. They’ve always traveled.

Perhaps growing up hearing of their adventures in India and Morocco shaped my desires for my eventual journeys there, or perhaps adventure is just in my veins. Handed down to me like my mother’s eyes or my father’s funny shaped little toe.

I have been to some far flung places that most people have never dreamed of visiting like Los Roques, a National Marine Park off Venzezuela where giant turtles bob gently on the azure ocean, or Jaiselmer, India, up near the Pakistan border where you hop aboard a camel and sleep under the stars eating chapatis shaped by dirty hands and cooked on an open fire.

Thanks to my father I’ve spent some time on a yacht in Maine, North East USA. Sailing in the Caribbean drinking rum and getting a fierce tan are great memories from my early twenties.

Not all roaming hearts settle down. My Dad is now having a stellar adventure in his Winnebago, and the itinerary just gets better with plans now of the Nullarbor, and the North West Coast… Broome, Monkey Mia.

After being so hesitant to change my routine and meet Dad in Central Australia, I now feel as though I could have carried on. Just driven off on the never ending road. I’m sure Grandpapa is happy to have some space and peace and quiet back, but imagine just going…… for months.

travel the world out there - uluru


A roaming heart need not be in the wilds of the Amazon, it just needs to be open to change and adventure. A roaming heart is one that doesn’t say “why?” but instead yells –

 “WHY NOT???”

travelling the world out there

Tortuga, Venzuela (I thought I was in a Peter Stuyvesant commercial obvs)

There was one particular hike we did with the kids on this Central Australia trip, not the 10.6kms (the .6 counts, dudes – trust me) around the base of Uluru pushing the 50kg pram, sometimes through sand, not that one – although is was awesome, but the 2.6km hike we at Kata Tjuta, or The Olgas.

travelling the world out there

Kata Tjuta

The terrain was like the moon. Jagged rocks in a canyon, and I had my daughter on my back and my son at my side walking. He was chatting away and my father was there too. Just climbing, negotiating our way over the rocks heading towards the spot they said was a lush green oasis in the expanse of red earth.

There was 100’s of birds nesting in the mountainous rock that flanked our sides, but they were hard to catch with your eyes. Only your ears.

The weight of my child, the sticky warmth of her making my back sweat, her little legs rhythmically bumping my hips as I climbed and I just paused for a moment in my head.

This moment.

travelling the world out there

This moment. This journey.

This journey is awakening the roaming heart inside my children.

Not that they haven’t traveled before, but they are at an age where they’ll remember this now, or D Man will at least…

One of the biggest reasons we don’t travel more is responsibilities, i.e. money. Once there is more than one stinky backpacker, meaning you, to take care of things can get expensive, flights, accommodation it adds up. Imagine winning an amazing adventure. A foodie adventure. For two…

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