An internet shopping amnesty and Ozsale review

December 1, 2014

I would like to preface this post with the disclaimer that I do not have an internet shopping problem.

What I do have is a shopping problem. They are about three foot tall, smell like farts and cheesy feet, and they make shopping for clothing a damn near impossibility.

The last time I took them into a ladies clothing store I made a fatal error. I went designer shopping, and if you think they looked at Julia Roberts poorly when she was trussed up like a two-bit hooker, you should have seen the horror of walking in with a 3 year old and a one year old….. that was the last time I did it.

I now have a four year old a two old so that is an entire 12 MONTHS between shopping visits.

It’s not to say that I don’t mind ripping through K-Mart now and then hissing my children’s names as they disappear down aisles, and diving into the middle of circular clothing racks only to make me chase them like a suburban parental parody of Benny Hill, but when it comes to buying anything nice, or taking my time perusing it’s over, my friends, for the foreseeable future.

Enter my love for internet shopping.

Initially I signed up to all of the sale sites but I got overwhelmed because they do email you a few times a day, but eventually I picked a favourite and deleted all of the others.

When Ozsale emailed me asking if I’d heard of their website I had quite snigger into my computer….. have I freaking ever!

I decided I would do a 10 minute Ozsale amnesty whereby I would run around my house a shoot everything I could find that I’d bought online in 10 minutes.

Disclaimer : I could not find everything in 10 minutes. Clothes the kids had grown out of (of which there is much) have not come out of storage bags, and this post is not a true indication of the love I have for internet shopping….but here goes.

ozsale review

My radioactive canary pants have actually become a little bit famous after I shot myself  (photograph, not self-poaching) wearing them en route to work.This top was a god send while pregnant and breast feeding as I can fit two of me in it. I still wear it on summer days with a cute bra underneath.

Oh, and I love my zebra ankle boots. I have never bumped into anyone else wearing them, can you believe that?

(No zebras were poached in the making of my shoes)

ozsale review

This red leather handbag was actually my most recent purchase.  I adore it. I needed something big enough for my camera and every day stuff and it’s just right, not to mention freaking cool as.

The Diesel jeans are not my favourite jeans but buying jeans without trying them on is a little risky when you’re a funny shape like EVERYONE is. They are perfect for around and about however, just not for days I want my butt to look super perky.


ozsale review

These Zara pants were reduced to $10 and I swear they are up there with my fave pants. They’re baggy enough to look casual and cool, but you can team them with a nice top and dress them up in a “I’m wearing combats, what of it” kind of vibe, which I’m tres fond of.

The top is Zara too and it had a bit of length in it so I’ve been known to wear it as a dress too.

ozsale review


Birkenstocks for both kids, reduded to $35 from memory. The blue ones have lasted two children…. the fluffy boots were Kiki’s favourites last winter. Sadly, she had outgrown them. Let me know if you want them. I’ll pop them in the mail.

ozsale review


I’m a humungo fan of Rock Your Baby and they often have sales on Ozsale. In fact, I have had more success with kids clothes online than I have with myself because I generally need to try stuff on. These RYB jeans were reduced to $10 each from memory, hence buying two, cos what kids doesn’t need more skinny jeans in their lives, right???

ozsale review

I even bought kitchen stuff. Not heaps but some. Before I realised I preferred finding stuff in op shops for my food styling, I devoured all things online trying o find interesting pieces.

So there it is…. I kid you nowt, the 10 minute Ozsale amnesty.

Waiting for my stuff to arrive can be a bit of a bummer because it takes up to three weeks from end of sale, but the joy of this is you almost forget about it and then you receive some love in the mail in the form of a parcel with your goods in it. I think in an age of not receiving mail other than bills this is probably my favourite reason for online shopping.

 ***This is a sponsored post. All shopping is honestly my own bought previously from Ozsale, and all opinions are my own as ever***

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  • Reply Genie December 1, 2014 at 9:02 am

    I’ve never used Ozsale, but I love shopping online. I don’t have the patience for shopping anymore and you can’t type in keywords in real life shopping. Keywords are awesome. Most of my clothes are bought online. I am obsessed with online shopping, but no, I don’t have a problem.

    Of course I’ve gotten some duds but the good far outweigh the bad. I usually buy from Asian websites (free shipping is kinda awesome), which means up to a month before they arrive. That’s cool, I usually forget about the purchase and then get a nice surprise when it arrives.

    • Reply Danielle December 1, 2014 at 8:32 pm

      I honestly don’t know why people shop in shops anymore. Online is almost always cheaper…. but I do like trying things on. That’s why there are outlet stores, right?

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