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Boxing Day – the day after the day

December 26, 2014

boxing day

I don’t know about you guys but as I sit here Boxing Day evening I am absolutely, thoroughly exhausted, and ready to never eat another thing (just as soon as I polish off dinner and the last of the Banoffee Pie).

I had grand plans of keeping a lid on it this year and not falling into the over-consumtion trap but alas, I ate and drank for Australia.

My day went pretty much as I thought it would. Lots of fun bits, and quite a few wobbly bits. I may have shed a tear or two here and there but whenever a hot one squeezed out (tear that is, not referring to my pelvic floor for once) I had a supportive shoulder to cry on….. and then I got on with the proceedings.

I think all families have some kind of shit to deal with at this time of year.

Grieving lost loved ones, absent friends and family, in-laws that make your skin crawl or bogan families you try to forget about for the other 364 days of the year that get shit-faced and bicker amongst themselves whilst wearing t-shirts with sexist slogans on them.

I guess everyone just has to get on with whatever their own Yule holds and try not to set expectations too high for a perfect day.

Today, Boxing Day, was spent with my grandparents. My children’s great grandparents. There was family and cousins and Slip and Slide and it felt like Christmas Day all over again except I had my babies with me all day.

Two epic days tends to take a toll on everyone. Kiki missed her day sleep two days in a row and she was like a dual personality, Jekyll and Hyde. Grandpa was very quiet. We question whether he’ll make many more Christmases and I guess that puts everything into perspective.

Lots of things are giving me perspective lately. I’ve never had so much freaking perspective shoved down my throat in my life.

We just got home to a complete bomb site as I left in a hurry yesterday.

I walked into the Christmas debris, breathed a sigh of relief and took off my bra, or maybe I took off my bra and then breathed a sigh of relief, and thought to myself “I made it”.

The first Christmas is done.

The children had a wonderful time, they were entirely thrilled at the score that is two lots of presents, and two Christmas stockings. And double the chocolate quota because mummy wasn’t watching all day.

I hope that whatever your Christmas and Boxing Day held for you that you made it through too. If you cried a little, it’s no biggie. If you drank too much, it no biggie either. Had a fight? So what?

If you overcooked your turkey and gave everyone a jaw strain as they tried to masticate the bird, or you dropped your trifle as you were about to put it on the table, if you accidentally slipped a family secret, or you dropped the C bomb in from of your mother-in-law, it doesn’t matter…..

Because this Christmas is done, and you always have next year to set high expectations, stress yourself out and do the whole jing-bang lot over again.

Now, where’s my dinner so I can smash that pie?

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  • Reply San December 26, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    Hunny, firstly, every possible happiness to you and yours in 2015. Wishing you sunshine, light, health, joy, wonderment, dreams come true AND the moon and the stars. You are doing brilliantly, and just like the rest of us, trying to take things in stride and keep it light as best you can. We’ve all got stuff going on. HUMOUR, wherever possible, really helps methinx. I mean deleting the negatives, accentuating the positives, in anyway you can is a really good way to go . Funny movies = laughter = good endorphins. What’s your fave comedy??? For me, Flying High, The Naked Gun Series, Ms. Congeniality 1&2, The Princess and the Frog (animated and one for the kids too but we, 2 adults?, loved it!!!) Lordy the list goes on…. for D&M value…the latest??? ‘Lucy’ … WOW!!! (Not one for the kids but SOOO thought provoking)
    Our most cherished ol’ gal, Lottie, heeler/lab. cross, 15 yrs. + is in her twilight time. Her unconditional love – the joy she brings to us, is immeasurable. We know our time with her is precious. This Xmas has been confronting in many ways as we forsake SO MANY others to make the most of our time with her and you know what??? I don’t give a shit what those people who ‘get the hump’ think because what she’s brought to our lives is incredible in every way. We, meaning ALL of us, do the best we can, and YOU my love are doing splendiforously. Keep the faith Girlfriend. Keep us posted with your wonderful, funny, irreverent blogs. Believe me when I tell you (to quote a famous lyric) you provide so many great endorphins no matter what you share. We love to hear your thoughts and share with you. Much love to you and yours this festive season, The Wimmin :o) ;O) You know who we are you poor sod!!!

  • Reply Danielle December 27, 2014 at 7:43 am

    It amazes me that I can love someone I’ve never met, but you gals are so in that category. You are the real deal x

  • Reply Glen December 27, 2014 at 7:54 am

    Kudos to you Danielle, it was a roller coaster year for your family and you’re still standing.
    I read in a Jeffrey Archer book recently that we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world, and are doing the best we can, as San very rightly commented. You done good gal!! Awesome!!
    This year you were gobsmacking awesome. Next year will bring you more peace and joy, and you have mega choices to look forward to. Roll on 2015!!
    When I am paralysed with anxiety/fear, or just overwhelmed, apparently I start five sentences I never finish, multitask, completing nothing….so I have adopted my own personal method of rescue. I stop, have a beverage appropriate for the occasion 😉 breathe in, breathe out, make a priority list, if I’ve taken on too much, and ask myself, wtf are you doing?You are stroke material!! When there are unrealistic expectations made of you, even self imposed there will be disappointment. So then kicks in the “does it REALLY matter? Is it THAT important.” We are all doing the best we can, and all have our own journey. The successful attitude for me (of others with expectations) is a “take it or leave it Pilgrim” I did my best, you are not a machine, and try to be gentle with myself..oh and my gorgeous partner grabbing my face and saying S-T-O-P and have a break!! Chillax, please!!Christmas is always a challenge. There are few families, for a variety of reasons, even geographically, that are able to be under the one roof at the same time, or are no longer with us and that sucks, but we acknowledge, accept, and move forward. Be gentle with yourself lovely lady. You got there Girlfriend!! That calls for a drink….cheers!!….oh and perhaps a little of that gingerbread….and……

  • Reply Nicole - Champagne and Chips December 27, 2014 at 8:42 am

    Well done lovely one. The hardest one is over and it sounds like your kids won at Christmas. Mine was super quiet with just my love and my dog and an impromptu cheese platter with the neighbours. Pretty sure my mum was a bit upset when I rang her for Christmas day though, that was a bit tough. Onwards and upwards x

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