What are the best first shoes for your baby? A Bobux Xplorer giveaway

December 30, 2014

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I remember D Man’s first steps as though it was yesterday.

He was bang on 12 months old and we were living in a two bedder overlooking the boats on Rushcutters Bay.

I was sitting at my desk in the swivel back chair watching my first born cruising along the rectangular ottoman we bought to replace the angular glass table that was all corners of doom for a child learning to walk.

He had been cruising for a few weeks and I knew he was close to walking. I was excited about this major milestone. Many people say how you need to be hyper vigilant once your child is walking but I don’t really see the difference between crawling and walking.

Mobile is mobile in my books but walking meant that the knees of his pants were no longer going to be trashed, filthy and soggy. That’s the phase that sucks for me.

Bobux Xplorer shoes. No idea who the kid is but how cute is the shoe/jeans combo??

Bobux Xplorer shoes. No idea who the kid is but how cute is the shoe/jeans combo??


He was walking up and turning around and walking back down, before turning around and repeating it until the last time when he reached the end and he just let go and struck out into the great unknown land of unsupported strolling.

He continued toddling, face alight with concentration and amazement, until he had covered the span of the Persian rug and flung himself in my awaiting arms.

He looked like a proud, drunken, hairless chimp but I felt so damned chuffed that I could have burst. I searched back through my hard drives to find the moment for you….I don’t expect it to make you feel the way it does me, except we’ll all cringe at my voice.

I felt as though no child that ever lived was as clever as my boy was at that given moment. You know that feeling?

Logically, you know it’s just developmental and he was never really going to be still crawling when he was fifteen, but it felt to me as though he was the first man walking on the moon.

One small step for toddlerkind, one giant leap mummy.toddler definition


Walking is the first step towards letting go of your baby. Those first toddling steps mark the next phase of the TODDLER. This phase is riddled with many mysteries and issues.

One of which for me was the issue of the best first shoes.

Many babes rock Converse and super-styling shoes well before they are walking but according to the Pediatrics Association of America children don’t need to wear shoes before they are walking and shoes should be used to protect your babies feet, not as fashion statements.

In fact hard soled shoes may hinder your child’s development when it comes to their first steps.

A stellar option for squids learning to walk in that sometimes walking, sometimes crawling phase, is soft-soled shoes.

Think soft and maleable. Think flexible on their growing feet learning to balance.

Think ninja. Think soft-shoe shuffle.

Think Bobux Xplorer.

bobux xplorer shoes



Bobux is a New Zealand based children’s shoe brand, which actually have cool aesthetics and edgy design on their side. I’ve checked out the whole range and the big kids shoes are cool too.

Sadly, they don’t go up my clod hopping flipper, but I have my eye on winter’s boots for Kiks.Bobux’s Xplorer range is going to be released in Australia in February 2015 but Bobux wants to give 120 pairs of feet a sneaky peak.

Bobux is currently giving away 120 pairs of shoes so Australian families can get acquainted with and fall in love with their product.

If you have a little one who is about to walk, or is freshly up on their hind legs, you can pop over to the Bobux site and register for your free pair of shoes.

Size guides for your teeny, tiny feet can be found here.

After walking comes running, then comes stealing your car keys and flipping you the bird, and there is not much you can do about that stuff, but toddler shoes?

You can be all over that.

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  • Reply Polly December 30, 2014 at 7:45 am

    My crawling, exploring baby girl would love some Bobux Xplorers because there’s no stopping her and those feet are bound to get sore without them!

  • Reply Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad December 30, 2014 at 7:57 am

    I’ve got a little ninja who is all over this gliding on his feet business. In fact he needs ninja shoes because he is mastering the art of jumping – a real ninja skill. So I’d appreciate any help with support and balance that this little dude can get!

  • Reply Carolyn Ozkoseoglu December 30, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    My little guy has taken flight in a pair of sandals with planks of wood for soles. Please help bring out his inner ninja!!

  • Reply rebecca potts December 30, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    I need these shoes to help me learn to walk so i can chase my big sister up and down the corridor and make more precious laughter memories together!

    (And make mummy just that bit crazier when we won’t slow down. . *Insert evil laugh*)

  • Reply Nicole _ Champagne and Chips December 30, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    I am wracking up as many cool-aunty points as possible and some ninja shoes would put me into rocking-aunty territory.
    PS. Especially since they look like they might accommodate little neph’s extra toes 😉
    PPS. The PS. is not included in the 25 words you see, just slipping it in LIKE A NINJA!
    PPPS. I know, I know, I am so far off cool-aunty it hurts.

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