Words Vs Moving Pictures

January 15, 2015

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I love words.

I quite like spoken word as long as it’s not spoken by NWA, or Nicki Minaj whose voice makes my ears cry, but my true love will always be written word.

Books I adore, poems have their place and I have a deep fondness for a love letter.

Shopping lists don’t excite me greatly however they are a word necessity.

I also must admit to a deep passion for swear words but I’m getting off topic.

The first forms of written word were pictures on caves, on tombs, on walls, telling stories of lives and leaving behind a history when all else from the era has returned to dust.

Then finally language came along and has been around for some 6000 years or so which is kind of piddly when you think we’ve been around for about 200,000… but still in 6000 years that would be a lot of words.

Billions of love letters.

Lots of swear words too.

It’s amazing to think that we were not necessarily born to write, unlike watching stuff. We must learn to write whereas our visual cortex is rocking the second we open our eyes…. Albeit short distances for a time until we become less cross-eyed and dribbly.

I love the way words allow my imagination to fill in the blanks, but blanks aren’t always a good thing.

For all my love of words, I’m also a major lover of pictures, as you well know.

I love photography and capturing moments and preserving them in a way that words never could.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and I really believe it.

I recently fell back in love with making video. It was such a passion of mine for a time, shooting music videos, creating commercials, short films. I knew I wasn’t saving lives or changing the world but it was exhilarating for me to create motion picture, even if it was a 30 second ad for something inane.

I did so love making music videos.

No money in it because labels have strict budgets and directors have grand plans and my job was to somehow make the twain meet.

But it was a cool job, no doubt about it. Then I had babies and became a housewife and moved to the ‘burbs stopped creating for a while.

Sort of. I created this space I guess.

Anyway, now I’m back making little videos and I’m totally into it. I can instantly get more me into a video because there I am in technicolour.

You can hear my voice, instead of imagining it when you read, and you can see my flappy mannerisms, and dress sense and it feels like we’re hanging out in a room together.

Imagine then if you had a new and innovative product to sell, and instead of using a static image and writing words to describe what it looks like, you created video, like an ad but infused with your own special sauce.

That’s what Pitchi.com are doing. When they approached me to check them out and share some love about them I couldn’t really imagine how it would work, but it totally does.Think Etsy but with moving pictures talking about their product. Some people are straight up and down and a little on the dry side but some are clever and funny…. and some are downright ridiculous.

Creative people getting creative about their products.

Whether people are making tees with fresh designs, handmade rugs or beautifully designed and crafted home wares or jewelry, you can see who they are and they may tell you how their idea started, or they may hook you with a quippy line.

You just get so much more.

How awesome is this vintage suitcase speaker? Click to see video.

How awesome is this vintage suitcase speaker? Click to see video.

Pitchi.com have only been around for a year and they plan to bridge the gap between online selling and having a bricks and mortar store, by enabling people to have a personal connection with the seller without ever actually meeting them.

Where once you would scour weekend artisan markets now you can discover cool designer and boutique products online in a fun way.

They believe that Pitchi videos can empower the entrepaneurial spirit, and that’s something that I applaud. Anything that helps people create the business they want should be explored and supported when possible.

Are you an online seller?

Are you crafty and looking for a way to showcase your wares without the expense of a shop front?

Take 5 minutes to check out Pitchi.com and see if it will work for you… and if you’re looking to buy unique and interesting things online, get in there.

Who doesn’t love online shopping?


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