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9 lunchbox ideas to keep it fresh this term – Sweet

February 9, 2015

There are many options on our supermarket shelves for muesli bars, muffin bars and biscuits laden with sugar, and as convenient as they may be they are often not a very good choice for growing bodies.

In my baking, I often switch around flours to keep the wheat content down but even when there is sugar and butter, I pack loads of other good ingredients in there so we’re getting some more nutrients in. Feel free to experiment with buckwheat flour, GF flour or anything that you might want to use. Muffins are pretty hardy and can usually take the switch with ease.

Nut flours and seeds add Omega 3’s and protein which are great for concentration, but they also taste the bomb.

Have a little look at my  sweet lunchbox inspiration and see if anything tickles your fancy.


healthy muesli bar

Super Yummy Healthy Muesli Bars

Sure, there’s some butter and honey in them, but they are packed full of nuts, seeds, oats, brown rice and dried fruit, and they are waaaaaaay better for you than store bought.

Thing is, they are waaaaaaay yummier too.

 berry banana muffins

Banana, Berry, Weet-Bix Muffins

I’m a tight ass and I hate throwing away the crummy bits of cereal in the bottom of the packet. Whack them into a muffin is not only thrifty but gives added fibre and goodness to your baking. Winning? I believe so.

date coconut and banana bread

DateCocoBana Loaf

This one rocks. Very little sugar, bags of flavour and when you whack a slab of butter on it’s everything cafe banana bread is except without so many calories.

gluten free chocolate biscuits

Gluten-free Chocolate Biscuits

I know, right?


pepita cranberry anzac slice

Pepita Cranberry Anzac Slice

This slice was born when I was messing around one day trying to get the flavour of Anzac biscuits into a slice. It’s not as simple as just pressing cookie dough into a slice! My guys love this one and I’ve snuck some pepitas in there for added crunch and goodness.


date and ginger cookies

Oat Date and Ginger Cookies

Some a yummy flavour combo. Seriously. Don’t just take my word for it. They’re kinda chewy, and crunchy on the edges and they’re really great for afternoon tea too….with a cup of tea for the big kids.
raspberry and passionfruit scones

Raspberry & Passionfruit Scones

Yep, that’s right. The old faves gone uptown. These also freeze well and you can just chuck them into lunch boxes to thaw by little lunch.


healthy date slice

Healthy Date Slice

You know this fruit pillows and Full’o’fruit type biscuits? I was going for that vibe when I came up with this little gem. I just love dates as they are like a little hit of caramel but better for you.


sugar free anzac pepita biscuits

Sugar-free Anzac Pepita Biscuits

Oats, pepitas, no refined sugar. Practically health food. Awesome for energy, and awesome for lunch boxes.


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    Those raspberry and passionfruit scones are going to go on in my kitchen this weekend, lady. Yes ma’am.

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