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February 14, 2015


When the shit was hitting the fan last year one of my biggest fears was how was I going to support myself?

I’d been a stay at home mum for 4 years, give or take a pilot tv show idea here or there, but I’d not had any money of my own in a really long time.

I’d been writing the blog, sure, but I’d had no formal training in writing or marketing and I really didn’t know much other than having a particular knack with words. That knack had built my blog to a point, but I had no idea how to turn that into something that could put food on the table.

I wrote my blog for love for over two years, but I kept hearing about all of these people earning money from their blogs….it was such a mystery to me and I had no idea where to start.

I was worried my readers would think I was selling out, but I also knew that if done right, they would respect the fact that I’m turning this into something financially viable, and still creating a space that they – you –  and I love.

I did what I always do when I have big plans and NFI what to do – ask someone with way more experience than I, in my frankest manner, HOW?

Help me, please.

I had an existing relationship with Louisa Claire from Brands Meets Blog. I’d seen her around, emailed a little, and done one or two bloggy outreach things with her so I picked up the phone and wore my heart on my sleeve.

I told her I didn’t have a year to build a business, I didn’t have 6 months, I needed to hit the ground running because my life was really messy and I needed to find work that I could do while looking after two small children.

I told her I was scared.

I may have even said it with a wobbly voice.

It’s not easy to make a call like that, it requires revealing yourself as vulnerable, but Louisa’s gentle voice assured me I could do this. My expectations weren’t ridiculous, I just needed another feather in my bow, and she knew what to do.

Louisa was about to launch her brand new course Brandlicious which gave bloggers the tools to become businesses, and approach brands and monetise their shizzle.

I planned all of the brands that I wanted to work with and throughout the course I realised it’s not about luxury items for me, it’s about what my readers are interested in. We studied who my readers are, why do they care what I say, and I began to see my blog differently.

(Slightly) less selfishly… I’m still me after all.

Done online in weekly increments I could go at my pace, and if life was hectic and I missed a week I caught up when I could.

Towards the final weeks Louisa hands over a load of templates, for pitching, for locking down deals in watertight contracts all with the terminology that made me sound professional, and I think they are the true gold in the Brandlicious course.

In everything I’ve done in this past 12 months towards getting financially stable, I’ve had to hit the ground running…. Before I was walking, but having the support of a few key people helping me along the way has helped me believe that I can do this as a job.

I caught up with Louisa recently and she invited me to be an affiliate of the Brandlicious course, so I jumped at the chance to support something that I know can help you achieve the goals you have for your blog. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t do the work for you, but it stands you in great stead and arms you with the information you need to get to the next level.

The next Brandlicious course starts in March 9th and runs for 6 weeks, and Louisa is offering an early bird price of $220 if you sign up before February 22nd.

For more info check out

If you have any questions feel free to ask away!


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