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May 7, 2015

my favourite room Sonia Styling

Have you seen the gorgeous Sonia Styling’s My Favorite Room series?

She invites lovely bloggers to share the favourite room of their house and invariably they’ve all been stylish and drool worthy.

Well, she invited me to share with her readers my favourite room and I chose my combined living, dining and kitchen room because where al the good stuff happens in the house. I tidied the crap out of my house as I had friends coming over so I made the most of the tidiness and shot it then. It doesn’t usually look this tidy but you already know that, right?

I must also add that this photo you see above was taken by the local newspaper when I launched my book, Cook Once Feed All. Where she found it is a mystery as I don’t even have a copy of it.

my favourite room - Sonia Styling

Which room of your house is your favourite?

I love my bedroom, and I adore the art deco renovation I did on the main bathroom, but hands down my favourite room in the house is the combined kitchen, lounge, and dining area. It is the heart of the home and where we spend the most time. My office chair is at the table because I usually sit there to work (close to the kitchen for endless trips to pantry for munching.

When I first walked into this house when we were looking to buy this room was what I fell in love with. I’d never had an open plan living area with a good kitchen so it really was love at first site.

To see this post in its entirety and have a proper sticky at my house, pop over here.

my favourite room sonia styling

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