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Feeding a sick child

May 29, 2015

feeding a sick child

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AlI remember one of the worst flus I ever had. I was living on my own and I was single, and I was struck by a lurgy so evil I just wanted to curl into a ball under the duvet and quietly die.

My saliva had turned into shards of metal that grated my raw throat, and my head encased a jackhammer that would not quit.

How I felt was not the worst part, I think the worst part was I had no one to look after me. No one to bring me soup or a hot lemon and honey.

Nothing pulls your hearts strings quite when your kid is sick. I don’t mean the requisite snotty nose that we seem to endure all winter but I mean proper ill when they are flattened, and the only thing that helps is cold and flu remedies, a mother’s love and comfort food…. and lots of couch time cuddling in front of the TV. Treat aches and pains with Nurofen to ease the symptoms and a bring a little relief to ailing bodies. There is a product suitable for every age.

Feeding a sick child is not a walk in the park though, because often they don’t really feel like eating. The old adage feed a cold and starve a fever is a bit of a myth. It’s more like feed them when they’re hungry, and let them chill when they’re not.

Here are a few ways to tempt a poorly wee one when they feel like crap.


Chicken Soup

This is not a wive’s tale. You know yourself when you feel sick you often crave chicken soup. The University of Nebraska did a study and found that there are “a number of substances with beneficial medicinal activity.”

Its definitely a combo of the broth liquid hydrating you and the steam from the hot soup easing congestion but also about the good ingredients in there that help fight off the cold.

This is my Farmhouse Chicken Soup recipe and if someone made me a batch of this when I was sick I would propose marriage…unless we were married in which case I’m sure I could find adequate methods of payment once I was feeling better.


Garlic in Everything

Garlic is known to boost the function of the immune system, and it’s really yummy to boot. To give your poorly one a double whammy of goodness you can make a hummus, or guacamole with fresh garlic, and they can dip crunchy vegetables into it.

The veggies are full of immune boosting antioxidants and vitamins and good stuff to help them get better fast. Which is first prize because a sick kid stops the whole household.

Maybe hold off garlic in smoothies, or on toast though. We’re fighting a cold, not a vampire.

feeding a sick kid

when life gives you lemons, make a Hot Toddy.


Hot Honey Ginger and Lemon

A hot honey, ginger and lemon is mega soothing when you feel sick and it is also proven to have medicinal benefits. The honey soothes coughs and the lemon juice has a little bit of Vitamin C. Ginger is warming and can help promote healthy sweating which can be beneficial during a cold.

For the over 18s amongst us, I add a shot of whiskey and turn it into a hot toddy to ease the aches.

Only one mind you, because your body is fighting illness so you mustn’t get sloshed.


Yoghurt or Smoothies

A sore throat is the pits and you often don’t want to rock the boat by eating, but some nice cooling yoghurt can soothe the burning throat of fire.

A smoothie can be a good way to get some extra nutrients in, but really, your kid isn’t going to die of malnutrition in a few days. Your primary concern is just getting something in them that gives them sustenance.


feeding a sick kid

Good for more than half time at the footy.

Frozen Oranges

Great for half time at the football, and also good for a sick kid. They have enough novelty factor to probably make it over the line when sprogs are feeling average, but they also have some Vitamin C (amounts are arguable once it’s cut etc, but something is better than nothing, right?).

They have fluid to keep up hydration, and they will be nice and cool on a sore throat.


Rosehip Tea

Rosehips contain 50% more Vitamin C than citrus fruit and they are thought to be fantastic to colds.

You can buy the tea bags and make rosehip tea with honey to ensure your kid stays hydrated, and gets the added kick of some Vitamin C to help fight the cold.

You could even make the tea and then turn it into icy poles for a really lame treat.



Do you have any fail safe family secrets for feeding a sick kid?

What do you crave when you’re ill?




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  • Reply Kate May 29, 2015 at 9:11 am

    I make sure I have olive leaf extract. It tastes gross but is a miracle cure when sick.

  • Reply Nina June 7, 2015 at 5:30 am

    We have a soup we make called ‘pos pas’ and it’s basically chicken soup with rice, lemon, ginger, garlic and fish sauce 😉

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