A romantic weekend in nature’s playground

July 3, 2015

***This is not a sponsored post***

***Eurobodalla Coast Tourism invited me for an expenses paid weekend***

***All opinions are my own***


Nothing sets the tone for a romantic weekend quite like arriving at your destination after a five hour drive south ton nature’s playground – Eurobodalla – and realising that your bag containing your clothes, Ugg boots and the whiskey is sitting at home on your bed.

Believe or not, although someone else packed the car, I just laughed.


nature's playground eurobodalla

Narooma Big 4 – the view from our water front cabin.

We arrived at our water front cabin at the Narooma Easts Big 4 in the dark, so we had no idea until the morning that we were nestled on the edge of the estuary, with sea birds pecking away at low tide.

We arrived starving and dying for a beverage or five. When Steve, the helpful manager heard our plight he suggested we drop our stuff quickly to the cabin and he gave us a ride up the hill to the Narooma Pub before the bistro kitchen closed for the evening. That’s what I call service.

Sitting by the fire we ate a solid pub meal, and I grabbed a toothbrush from the servo to get me by.

nature's playground eurobodalla

No clean socks (I purchased knicks at Woolies) but I packed fancy pants salt for my eggs. What a tool.

Nature's playground - Eurobodalla

A lone cormorant on our early morning walk to wharf

nature's playground

Looking back onto Narooma Wharf. The landscape reminded me of Maine, New England USA. The pines, the mountains, the moody weather.

An early morning trip with Narooma Charters took us over to Montague Island Nature Reserve, or Baranguba as it’s traditionally known.

According to the Dreamtime story Baranguba was the eldest son of Galuga, or Mount Dromedary, which overlooks the region. He got separated from his mum when he went exploring…damned kids.

The men of the Yuin people traveled to Baranguba and used it as a bit of a secret men’s place for 6000 years and barely left a footprint. The Eurpoeans came along and decided to be all civilised with lighthouses and rabbits and stuff and practically wiped it out in 150 years.

nature's playground

I’ve made it black and white so you can’t see that I’m pale blue from cold.Not so secretly wishing I had my beanie.

nature's playground eurobodalla

Approaching Montague Island

These days it’s a most sensational historical site, where you can really feel the history in the air.

The lighthouse and the keepers residence are fascinating (and supposedly haunted), and Francois, the national parks guy who lives on the island during his shifts was incredibly knowledgable but also very entertaining.

nature's playground eurobodalla

Montague Island Lighthouse and residence

A one rock quarry. The lighthouse was made from this stone.

A one rock quarry. The lighthouse was made from this stone.

The Australian and New Zealand fur seals line the rocks like centurions guarding the island. The Australian fur seals all cuddle up together, and the NZ fur seals don’t schnuggle. No Kiwi jokes required.


nature's playground eurobodalla

Seals on Montague Island

nature's playground eurobodalla

Seals on Montague Island

We couldn't feel our faces, but we could feel the romance

We couldn’t feel our faces, but we could feel the romance

Although Norm, our trusty captain, did not guarantee us whale watching for it is the wrong time of year, we saw a whale! My first ever.

It was both awesome, and anticlimactic. It was there for but a moment, a humpback breaking the water and then disappearing leaving us hankering for more.

nature's playground

This is not the whale. This is Norm from Narooma Charters and he has 6 children.
No wonder he bought a boat.

Once we hit land we decided to head inland to try and find River Cottage Australia. We couldn’t find it for the life of us, but we stumbled upon a little historic town called Tilba.

nature's playground eurobodalla

Main street Tilba

Picturesque and quaint with a single street of lovely stores from another era, and a pub that surprised the hell out me. In the middle of nowhere, the Dromedary Hotel was a welcome sight.

nature's playground eurobodalla

The Dromedary Pub, Tilba

Quirky and kooky with clientele ranging from bikies, to hippies and hipsters, they had a wood burning stove out the back and a live band at 2 in the afternoon. The Dromedary is a music institution in this part of the world with many East Coast tours dropping by for a gig.

The Vibe, The Dromedary Pub, Tilba

Me, ensuring I smelled like a camp fire for the rest of the trip.


nature's playground eurobodalla

The Vibe, The Dromedary Pub, Tilba

The Vibe, The Dromedary Pub, Tilba

A local, with poncho

I started chatting to a local and 2 degrees of separation ensured we had some friends in common, and he gave us a little local knowledge of somewhere to explore in the afternoon.

We didn’t quite find it (nope, it wasn’t due to beers) but what we did find was a stunning walk overlooking pristine and deserted beaches. It was seriously, seriously stunning. We were looking over Secret Bay and Mystery Bay, and the afternoon put on a cracking light for us.

nature's playground eurobodalla

The walk into Secret Bay

nature's playground eurobodalla

Where estuary meets ocean

nature's playground eurobodalla

Secret Bay

We found a stunning restaurant to dine in at The Whale.

Run by pro surfer turned chef, Matthew Hoar, we were pleasantly surprised. The menu was impressive and the food was great. Oxtail and pork belly with a cracking bottle of wine was the perfect way to end a day of exploring.

nature's playground eurobodalla

On the break wall. So close you can touch them....except they'd take your hand off.

On the Narooma break wall. So close you can touch them….except they’d take your hand off.

nature's playground eurobodalla

Australia Rock, Narooma

The next day was a slow drive home stopping by the Bodalla Dairy Shed and a few stunning spots on the way.

I know you're worried about me not having any clothes, but I did have my truffle salt. Naturally. 

Have you ever seen anyone so happy to feed a calf? No really. How is that head????

I know you're worried about me not having any clothes, but I did have my truffle salt. Naturally. 

April, the baby cow.

nature's playground, eurobodalla

Bodalla Dairy Shed.
Feed a cow, drink a milkshake. The circle of life.

I love a good old church

I love a good old church

We discovered a truly beautiful part of the world, and we did’t need to go that far to find it. Next time I want more time, more adventure, my bag of clothes and the whiskey.

nature's playground, eurobodalla

One last beach stop to soak in some of the stunning coast.

nature's playground eurobodalla

empty beaches, perfect breaks.


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  • Reply Sonia from Sonia Styling July 3, 2015 at 11:40 am

    What a fabulous weekend away! Thank goodness for servos and supermarkets, huh? And what a legend Steve is! I love escaping to the country for characters like the locals you got to hang out with, stunning scenery and damn good food. x

    • Reply Danielle July 3, 2015 at 5:00 pm

      It’s true, huh? Something happens to locals once you get outside big cities. Everyone is super friendly!

  • Reply bigwordsblog July 3, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    It looks stunning there. What a fab weekend away x

    • Reply Danielle July 3, 2015 at 4:59 pm

      I know, right? Need to hit the Radelaide Hills next though x

  • Reply raphaela99 July 3, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    Darling, I had never heard of this place before! I love the pics and story and want to go there now!

    • Reply Danielle July 6, 2015 at 8:56 pm

      I hadn’t either! Such a find. Your girl would love the nature there. Take her in Spring!

  • Reply Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me July 5, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    The joy in your face, priceless x

    • Reply Danielle July 6, 2015 at 8:55 pm

      That’s my official calf feeding face.

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