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The funky cold Mirena – The final episode (let us never speak of this again)

July 6, 2015
Looks fairly harmless

Looks fairly harmless

The comprehensive handbook has a list of physical Mirena side effects as long as a whale’s penis, however it says nothing about emotional ones… I assumed there wouldn’t be any.

I will preface this by saying I have a known sensitivity to progesterone (i.e. sends me loopy), which is present in ALL hormonal birth controls, but I was under the impression that the dosage going directly into my womb would greatly decrease the chances of Lady Cray Cray making an appearance.

“Why would you do this knowing you have a sensitivity”, you ask.

I need a birth control, condoms suck, all of the other options have bigger doses or hormones and it was the last bastion before considering tying my lady tubes in a tidy bow.

Getting the damned thing in was a bit of a palaver, but really, that was nothing compared to what came next.

The thing with creeping emotional/psychological/mental issues is they are in your head, and they feel very real so it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when the forest is inside your brain.

Let’s start with what was going on in my brain –

I was anxious.

Like, heart racing, stressing out about stuff that I have been dealing with daily for the past year or so but suddenly it was all REALLY BIG.

I was teary.

Like, crying at a song on the radio, or sad things coming into my head making me well up like a baby.

I was über cranky.

Like, Cranky Crankerson style cranky. Everyone was out to piss me off, and I would bite your head off in a heartbeat if you looked at me sideways.

Especially my kids. And my boyfriend, with whom I had never previously fought.

I suddenly felt as thought my coping mechanisms had broken down and things just seemed really freaking difficult.

Then let’s talk about back to back cold sores, aching back, no energy, terrible skin, bleeding for 6 weeks, all of which is COMPLETELY NORMAL for this method of contraception (except maybe the cold sores but that’s my body freaking out.)

I started thinking about my body, and about how it is a finely balanced machine that I am messing with. I get that we need to mess with shit, particularly in the case of birth control because the alternative is equally going to mess with your shit, but wondering if you’re losing your mind is totally not cool….also, my boyfriend may or may not have mentioned that since I had it put in I had completely changed into a massive bitch that was no fun to be around.

He’s lucky to be alive.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.16.24 am

6 weeks after insertion I went back to my doctor asking to take it out and give me a referral to a mental health program because I have BIG ISSUES.

When she asked me what exactly was going on, she was not surprised to hear my list of ire and cray cray. When I started to cry whilst explaining I was feeling really emotionally unbalanced and like I couldn’t cope with day to day stuff, she did not rush to have me committed.

She simply said, we need to take the Mirena out now. It’s the progesterone messing with you and for every 50 I put in about 2 women experience this.

1 in 25 women go loopy.

24 in 25 are perfectly normal and think Mirena is the answer to their unwanted spawn problems.

Although you’re all probably sick to death of hearing about what goes on for me below the belt, between my pelvic floor and my birth control, I do actually think it’s kind of important to let you know what I experienced with this in case you’ve had the Mirena inserted and you are 1 in 25 and you currently can’t work out why you hate your life and everyone in it.

And then you cry while folding the washing.

I’m back at almost square one…. my doc and I discussed it at length and we’re thinking I now give a good old fashioned diaphragm a go. I used one in my 20’s, so I know how it works, and really, next to a ligation I’m shit out of options.

Being a chick is tricky business at times.

But it’s better than being a dude 😉



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  • Reply susievenkat July 6, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    I think I had progesterone issues too – tried a few diff types of the Pill (in my 20s) and either went out-of-my-mind itchy or out-of-my-mind loopy – your symptoms exactly. I asked the OB for a hysterectomy after my 2nd child (soooo goddamned sick of having a heavy, leak thru to duds, hardly ever get to swim in summer – period) and he steered me towards the Mirena. It has been the answer to my prayers – so, yay, I’m not that 1 in 25. I did my fair share of suffering beforehand, tho… Good on you for bringing awareness to the issues.
    I’m currently doing an assignment on menopause – and, well, we’ll have to do a fair bit of research and trial and error-ing for THAT period of our lives, too…

    • Reply Danielle July 6, 2015 at 8:54 pm

      Oh man, endless minefields!!
      Fab that it sorted your heavy periods too. Just fab!

  • Reply Michele July 6, 2015 at 5:20 pm


    I cannot even begin to know what you are going through, as I am one of those lucky ones that sailed through it all and am now coning out the other end – still without problems!

    But I do feel for you very much. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to help you through this.


    • Reply Danielle July 6, 2015 at 8:53 pm

      How brilliant for you though!! I’m cool, babe. Getting more ‘normal’ every day. As normal as I’ll be that is

  • Reply Talking to a stranger July 24, 2015 at 7:35 am

    […] the last year I’ve been in survival mode, and then I got the Mirena crazies, followed by a flattening flu that I’m still recovering from, and in the last little bit […]

  • Reply Sew Crafty Deb October 12, 2015 at 10:08 am

    Just found this post after seeing the word MIRENA in your latest blog post. Oh thank God I’m not the only one who suffered using that terrible bloody contraption. I had all of the above plus never ending thrush. I persevered for a year. So, so stupid! But I really wanted it to work. I’m now on a low dose pill and have had no problems at all. Weird.

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