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October 19, 2015

I’m a pretty good mum, but I’m a bit of a crappy parent to be honest.

Maybe sloppy would be a more accurate, kinder term. I’m inconsistent, can be inattentive and distracted (to put it mildly) and often lose my cool.

I’m not much of a parenting book reader, I mean where do you start?

Sometimes the mindful parenting books allow the child to get away with murder while you ‘nurture their spirited nature’, and other books are like strictly regimented armies, only lacking a salute when you enter the room.

Thankfully, someone I know has read way more on the subject than me, implemented the best stuff she found into her parenting using trial and error  -the best science ever- and did the hard work to bring that knowledge to us.

When I first start blogging I connected with a handful of bloggers around the world. It’s awesome to see the ones that stuck with it are all kicking goals, and Nina from Sleeping Should Be Easy is no exception.

Nina Garcia, Parenting with Purpose

Nina Garcia, Parenting with Purpose

The reason I like reading her blog is because she’s the kind of mum that I wish I was….but she’s not a jerk about it. She’s not airy, and her kids aren’t angels, but instead of trying to control their behaviour, Nina tries to understand what the deeper meaning of their behaviour is and then she can combat it with mindfulness of their experience instead of being annoyed that it’s messing with hers.

A mum of a six-year-old and two-year-old twins, Nina tells it how it is. She’s not always cool, and she’s not always collected, but she always takes the time to work out why the situation went pear and then improves on it next time.

Nina’s parenting experience is a work in progress and she shares it with such simplicity

She’s pretty delightful.

parenting with purpose

Nina has now compiled everything she’s learned into a gorgeous parenting book called Parenting With Purpose.

“We mistakenly believe that the main purpose of discipline is to stop tantrums and outbursts at all costs, as quickly as possible.

Let’s get to the real definition of discipline: discipline is teaching our kids.

Because isn’t that what parenting really is? Our job is to arm them with the skills they need and would serve them well in the future so they grow into kind adults who can regulate emotions or empathize with others.”

Growing evolved in-tune adults, that’s my biggest desire for my parenting.

Parenting with Purpose is packed full of really great, practical parenting advice to help you from getting into those power struggles with your jerks  children, and it’s come at a time where my routine is changing, my kids are getting more willful and my ex-husband is calling me saying he thinks it’s time we did something about the children’s behaviour.

I sent him this book.

Part Two is all about handling your child’s behaviour, and it really makes sense.

Instead of timing out, time in. Instead of alienating your child when they’re wigging out, and you go bat-shit, try to draw them in and understand what is going on. Counter-intuitive, sure, but Nina explains it beautifully.

parenting with purpose

Parenting with Purpose launched yesterday, and Nina is offering you guys a free Kindle download of the Parenting with Purpose for the next week – you can download your free copy here.

I reckon you should get on that. Even though I’ve read the electronic version, I just bought the paperback too so I can read it in bed and underline important bits that may just save my sanity for the next 20 or so years.

Wish me luck!

Do you feel like it’s a power struggle in your house?


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