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The quest for younger looking skin and win a $980 Picosure laser treatment

November 9, 2015
picosure taylor clinic

Aside from the serial killer look in the one on the left, you can see more uneven skin tone, especially on chin.

When I stopped breastfeeding I got loads of monster spots on my chin that left me quite pigmented which made me feel self-conscious. It was about then that I started wearing heavier foundation in order to hide it, but the fact is, foundation actually ages you.

Caked on face goop doesn’t really fool anyone, yet still I tried.

Last January my step-mum got me onto a galvanic spa in-home treatment which made a big difference to my complexion and I am generally feeling like I’m considerably more even toned  now, but the fact is, I’m nearly 40 and the fine lines are creeping in, and sometimes my skin feels as sucked dry as my body is after two kids.

I don’t want to look 13, but when I was offered to test out the new PicoSure laser treatment at Double Bay’s Taylor Clinic I jumped at the chance to test out new technology in the name of researching younger looking skin for you guys. Such altruism.

The PicoSure is suitable for pigmentation, age spots, freckles, acne scarring, and fine lines to name a few. My face has all of those just begging to be lasered away.

When I arrived at the clinic I was met by a passionate team who know their stuff. They were all spunky too which added to the vibe that I had stepped into a TV series, but these guys aren’t all Nip/Tuck-tastic, they are medical professionals.

They’re all doctors and nurses who specialise in cosmetic lasers and injectables. Dr Suzie was telling me about the tests and trials she does on herself so she understand the entire client experience. She has passion for her field, which is what you want when you’re trusting your body/face to someone.

picosure taylor clinic

Nurse Toby giving good laser

Nurse Toby used to work in accident and emergency, so he loves his job now…. and I might add he is a massive spunk who you really don’t mind burning the frying your face with laser beams.

The treatment itself takes about 10 minutes and is the epitome of a lunchtime beauty treatment. It smells a little like a pig on a spit, but I don’t think it hurts as much as getting laser hair removal on your secret bikini bits.

younger looking skin

immediately after

I looked like I’d been for a run or had a day in the sun initially, but by the time I arrived to pick up my kids 45 minutes later I was barely more than flushed.

I broke out in teeny tiny little spots on my cheeks – that I knew were there but they were not at all obvious – for a few days after and then I was good.

Do I look 15? No. I don’t. It’s not a miracle Botox laser.

PicoSure gently stimulates the production of elastin and collagen which has made my skin look plumper, therefore I appear fuller and younger. It has reduced my pigment, but my larger pigment spots (left over from pregnancy when I had full blown chloasma) would possibly need another treatment in order to disappear fully.

Even I wasn’t certain about the result until I put my before and after shot next to each other and there is definitely an improvement.

The price of the PicoSure laser may be prohibitive to many at $980, but the lovely team at The Taylor Clinic in Double Bay are giving one treatment away to one of my lucky NSW readers….or anyone willing to travel for better-looking skin.

Simply enter this comp to be in the running

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** I did not receive payment for this post. I received one PicoSure treatment for my honest review**


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    If I lived in Sydney I’d definitely enter! How long does the effect last, do you know?

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