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7 toddler foods that they’ll eat, not spit.

January 15, 2016

toddler food they'll eat

*** This is a sponsored post. All recipes are my own and all ideas are mine too***

So you’ve made it through the mushy phase and now your bub is ready for more, but not quite ready for 100% adult food like gnawing on a burger.

The mushy phase is the biggest pain in the butt phase as it’s really nothing that anyone else in the house will eat. For the mushy phase, it’s always handy to have some ready-made things in the pantry for the times you’ve run out of supplies in the freezer, and you’ve lost the will to purée.

Heinz is a household name that cares what goes into their products, but they also care about how their products are made. Their specialised ‘pouch and jar baby food kitchen’ never has anything else prepared in there – only baby food – so there is very little risk of contamination with nasties.

Also, all Heinz baby products are steam cooked to keep the goodness in, and designed and approved by nutritionist mums,

After the mushy phase, come the chunky-mushy phase and this is where with a little know-how and a few tricks up your sleeve you can get one step closer to cooking once and feeding all. Hey, did I mention I have a book called exactly that?

Cook Once Feed All is about making one meal the whole family can eat, and that is really first prize, no?

No one wants to fart around in the kitchen for longer than they have to, and eating together is one of life’s great pleasures (unless anyone at the table is under 21 and then it’s a nightmare but that’s another blog. Let’s just pretend for the sake of this post.)

Not too long ago I wrote how introducing your child to lots of different flavours early on with help you create a non-fussy eater in the long run. Even you’re a fairly simple eater usually, maybe now is the time to experiment a little. Adding herbs and spices instead of salt is good for the whole family and food bursting with flavour is always a winner.

The chunky-mushy phase is something that you need to gauge with your child. Some folks never purée, and go straight to chunky-mushy, but the best way to gauge is if your child is ‘gumming’ food suitably for it to be swallowed without a choking hazard. Babies are generally better at gumming stuff to death than we give them credit for, but for the sake of safety I’ll suggest around 10 months of age.

Great foods for chunky-mashing are chunky soups, slow cooked food, and steamed and softened vegetables and brown rice with a little stock.

Recipes that are great for this, and can feed the whole family are –

7 toddler foods that they'll eat

Farmhouse Chicken Soup

This soup is full of vitamins and goodness, and the barley is great for growing bodies. When it’s cooked in this soup it becomes very soft and easy to gum.

You can mash it as it is, or you can soak some bread in the soup to mash together and I’ve even been known to mash some avocado into it.

toddler foods that they'll eat

Lamb Kofte and Hummus with Tabouli

You might be wondering if I’m insane here but flavour and texture are your friends. The hummus creates a great mushy base and you can mash the kofte into it, and even mix a little bit of the tabouli.

We’ve got high iron, protein and good fats going on, and a whole load of flavour.

toddler foods that they'll eat

Low-Fat Moussaka

The delicious creamy top is irresistible for anyone, but your bub can eat this without needing teeth. Again, you can feed this as it is, or your can mix it with extra ricotta or avocado for your mushy-chunky food gobbler.

toddler foods that they'll eat

Pea and Avocado Smash with Poached Egg

Ok so eating this nicely on toast will definitely elude your toddler, but this mix is brilliant for protein and good fats. They can hold the toast in their hand and you can shovel the rest around it, or have patience and let them feed themselves. It’s sticky enough to stick to a spoon which is a bonus.

I’m not going to coach you on the egg thing with babies. You need to gauge for yourself when you try eggs on your kids and whether you’ll allow runny yolk or not. I did both from 6 months, but my kids clearly had no allergies when I tested them by doing the tiny little taste of egg experiment.

uptown baked eggs

Uptown Baked Eggs

SAgain, the egg is a personal choice but this is awesome any time of day or night for the entire family. It’s quick, simple and cheap as chips to make and can be eaten by all ages.

toddler foods that they'll eat

Homemade Sausage 


Once your toddler reaches this phase they’re more and more into finger foods, and these sausage rolls are great finger food. Packed with vegetables and flavour your bub will love them but so will the rest of the family.

top 10 most popular recipes

Triple C Pikelets

Sneaky vegetables – check

Bags of flavour – check

Easy to transport – check

Great finger food – check

Perfect consistency to rub in your hair – you bet

Awesome for the rest of the family for brunch served with bacon? You had me at hello.



Cook Once, Feed All COVER_lr

Cook Once, Feed All is about making your life easier whilst preparing nutritious and quick food for your family. Hailed by Mouths of Mums as the ‘must have recipe book for all families’, this book is a collection of family friendly recipes, all accompanied by stories from my life.


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