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Working out with kids – Backyard obstacle course

September 5, 2016

backyard obstacle course
*** These videos have been sponsored by Bupa but all content and ideas are my own ***

You know I’m pretty pumped about my fitness, so I got this idea where I’d make some videos to share with you guys ways to work out with kids.

I chatted with my friends at Bupa about it and they thought it was a cool plan so here is the first of three videos with tips on how to workout with stinkers underfoot. This one is the bomb because you don’t even need to leave the house if you don’t want.

It’s like lazy exercise.

I first got into the idea of an obstacle course when D Man was going to Little Kickers. I always found it quite hilarious watching these little (unco) peeps running around a course jumping and rolling and trying to remember each station.

The thing I loved the most was how engaged and pumped about it they were. Then I started constructing our own obstacle courses in the garden as a way to get the kids to burn some energy on those long summer afternoons, and that’s when I realised that it’s actually heaps of fun for all of us if I get in on the action.

backyard obstacle course

You can make their activities easy and tailor yours to your own personal fitness, but getting in and getting active with the kids not only teaches them good habits for a healthier life but it also means you can drink more wine and eat more chocolate (NB not a health tip endorsed by Bupa).


Suggested obstacle course activities, but seriously, make it up all you like. I won’t take offense.

                    BOTH – Stick Ladder Jump
THEM – Walk The Plank                  YOU – Push Ups
THEM – Tree Laps                             YOU – Mountain Climbers
THEM – Slide Dash                           YOU – Sumo Jump Squats
THEM – Under the Tunnel              YOU – Plank
THEM – Trampoline Jump              YOU –  Lunges
THEM – Tunnel Crawl                      YOU – Burpees
Continue until you’re all sick of it or too puffed out to keep going!
backyard obstacle course

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