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Better Orgasms? I love to say I told you so….

September 16, 2016
image - instagram Kim Anami - vagina weight lifter, and sex coach.

image – instagram
Kim Anami – vagina weight lifter, and sex coach

*** This post is sponsored by Pericoach. All ideas and orgasm discoveries are my own***

It’s a pretty rare thing when I’m ahead of the medical curve, but it appears the unimaginable has actually happened.

Remember when I got all vag-tastic and used the Pericoach pelvic floor training device for 30 days straight to actually test if it does what it promises?

The results I found were really quite profound with my pelvic floor strength jumping from ‘pee myself when sneezing’ to ‘sneezing with confidence‘ in only four weeks.

Pericoach better orgasms

At the time, as you will see in the Vagina Video Diary I made of the experiment I mentioned  that I was feeling “increased sexual function.”

That was a polite and clinical way of saying that my orgasms were not only stronger and better, but I could also control them more easily. I also found I was able to orgasm in a position where climax normally eluded me (nothing wacky, I promise. I’m just usually a me-on-top-for-lift-off type of gal.)

The official response from the Pericoach team was that although they suspected increased sexual control would be the case, they were not medically backed to say that the Pericoach system gave you better va-va-va-voom in your va-va-va-gine. \

Pericoach was purely for business, not for pleasure.

Well, guess who has now come back saying I was right all along (and who doesn’t love to be right, right? Right? RIGHT????)

Pericoach is now officially back by the FDA in the USA as a pelvic floor training device that is able to vajazzle your vagootz to a bigger, better happy ending.

Increased sexual function R us.

Research has shown that many women with weak pelvic floors complain of issues in the bedroom (or any other place you may like to do the wild thing – no judgement here). These issues may range from a lack of libido to problems with arousal and even an inability to orgasm.

A life without sex, or at least orgasms, is not very much fun so taking back control of your sexual function is not only beneficial to relationships, but also to your female sexuality – your goddess nature. After a prolonged period of sexual issues, you can become switched off to your sacred feminity, but when it’s firing on all cylinders you may see benefits across many areas fo your life.

But enough of the sacred stuff, let’s get back to the Os.

better orgasm pericoach

Women of all ages know that they should be kegeling for stronger pelvic floors, however, is anyone even doing them right? Not only is it a squeeze and hold, rather than a pulse type clench, but you must ensure that you’re squeezing and lifting up. Never pushing down. Doing it incorrectly may actually be worse than not doing it at all.

The Pericoach device and corresponding phone app removes all of the guesswork from frunching (AKA fanny crunching) and you can actually gauge your progress, much like your very own personal trainer at the gym. Except it’s inserted into your nethers.

Unlike the gym, this takes very little time commitment. Yes, you do it daily, but it can be done and dusted in two minutes flat while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. You can do it lying down or standing up, depending on which way you calibrated your device to your phone app in the beginning.

I guess if you were super confident it wouldn’t fall out you could even do it in the queue at the supermarket if you could fanny crunch without pulling the frunch face.

better orgasms pericoach

Wherever you choose to use the Pericoach system you can rest assured that it will help your pelvic floor become stronger, giving you better control over your accidental sneeze wees, and it may be your golden ticket to incredible orgasms.

Pericoach is selling for a limited time only for $229, my lovely friends at Pericoach are offering friends of The Holsbys a 10% discount. It will shortly return to its usual cost of $299. The 10% discount will be valid for a month…. and that saving is money in your pocket. In fact, it’s enough to buy a bottle of celebratory bubbles to toast your good self on your great choice.

Head on over to the Pericoach site and use this code HOLSBYPC16 anytime between now and the end of November.

You can also check them out on Facebook for more info…


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    when I just purchased it was $229 less the 10% not $299 so was only $206.10. Nice surprise

    • Reply Danielle September 19, 2016 at 10:38 am

      Oh cool! I thought it was $229, but they corrected me. I’ll mention it and change the article. Good luck with it!

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