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Want me to cook you and five mates a 3-course dinner?

September 20, 2016


You know how much super-mega fun dinner parties are, but man, they can also be a butt-load of work. Especially if you’re a fan of three-course dinners and food that is trickier than baked beans on toast.

Well, what if I said to you I would come and cook you and five of your nearest and dearest a three-course dinner in your very own home…..and I’d clean up?

What the actual…..? Yep, I’ll clean up after you…..but wait there’s more.

I will not come alone, no, no, I shall bring a spunky three-hat trained waiter to tend to your every need.

I even have a spare set of steak knives so I could go all Danoz on your ass and throw in a set of knives.

Sound sexy? It so bloody does.


holsby dinner date

As you know I’m passionate about Rafiki Mwema.

I’ve written about how the girl’s safe house is helping change the lives of survivors of sexual crime here, and I’ve pledged to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2017 and then go and stay at Rafiki for a few days to raise money for them here.

I’ve asked you guys to donate to my trek if you can, and together we have raised over $2000 for the Rafiki angels. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this dream and help a cause I feel is super worthy.

But I want to do more. I’m asking you to give more, but I want to give you something banging in return.

I will pay for all of the ingredients for your swanky dinner out of my own pocket, and I will cook and clean for love only, but you guys need to bid for me and win the auction. That’s right, I’m the prize. Like a prize pig but better smelling.

You can just donate a buck if you don’t want to bid in the auction, but otherwise, please get amongst it!

If you think about going out to dinner as a party of six, how much would you pay for a delicious three-course meal in a restaurant? I’m asking you to get together group of buddies, chuck in some dosh each and I’m all yours. At your house. In the flesh.

Does someone have a special birthday or event coming up? Then this perfect so you don’t have to lift a finger…. and you get me.

Not just me, you get great food and you get charitable kudos for helping a sensational cause that is dear to my heart.

Now that is one hell of a dinner party.

photo by Kirsten Cox

photo by Kirsten Cox

If you have any food allergies or funny food business I will take them into consideration when planning the menu, and you need to live within one hour of Sydney.

If you live elsewhere in Australia, and you are deadly serious about wanting me to cook you dinner, contact me separately and we can see if we can come to an arrangement. I do travel regularly and if we can make it work, it’s all part of the adventure, right?

I was mega nervous about doing this. It was that feeling where you don’t know if anyone will come to your party, but then I just reminded myself why I’m doing this. It’s about those little girls and doing something to help them live better lives.

Will you do that with me?

Here’s the link for the auction, and we have until Sunday October 16th at 9pm to get in your bid.

WIN ME IN YOUR KITCHEN FOR THE NIGHT HERE, or you could even just chuck in a couple of bucks as a donation if you don’t want to go for the main prize.

Get on board, and start the auction (meat)ball rolling…..I’m super excited to meet you soon!!!


holsby dinner date

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  • Reply Gary Lum September 20, 2016 at 9:13 am

    I hope you get lots of takers on this.

  • Reply Maxabella September 20, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    Fantastic, mate!!!

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