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Working out with kids – Park bench Workout

October 11, 2016

park bench workout*** These videos have been sponsored by Bupa but all content and ideas are my own. They just thought it was worth backing***

As you know I’m a huge fan of keeping fit. It’s not about having guns to rival Arnie, or a washboard stomach (both of which are never gonna happen) as much as something I do for my mental health. When I exercise it helps me work out my crazies and I’m a less cranky, more even-keeled human.

Being a solo mama my work-outs schedule is often dictated by the gym creche opening hours as I rarely have someone to look after the kids for me. Trying to work that in with our family schedule, and everyone’s moods and sometimes never the twain shall meet… I let it slide, then I don’t work out the crazies and before you know it all my pent up energy comes out as yelling at the kids.

Also, I love to eat, and I love to drink so for me I feel that keeping my fitness levels high gives me a free pass to carry on. Naturally, it doesn’t entirely work that way however for the sake of my argument let’s say it does.

The thing is, my fitness regime need not be governed by creche hours if I have a little mojo and give myself a push. Really, you can have a quick workout anywhere any time. In fact, it’s often faster if you don’t have to travel anywhere, or you sneak it into something you’re already doing.

park bench workout

I joined together with Bupa to come up with a few simple workouts that can be done all together as a family or in the backyard or park so you’re not dependent on gym hours or babysitters.

The first one is the park bench workout which can be done while the kids are kicking a ball or having a scoot. Instead of checking Facebook on your phone try maximising the tiome that they’re preoccupied with yelling at each other and not you, and get busy.


There are 10 exercises, and we do 10 repetitions of each. Then we run through the whole thing three times for a whole body workout in under 30 minutes.

Start with a quick warm up so you’re body is ready to rock.

  • 10 x Box jumps (or step ups if that’s too hard)
  • 10 x Push ups
  • 10 x Triceps dips
  • 10 x Butt to seat squats
  • 10 x Shoulder tap plank
  • 10 x Single leg raises
  • 10 x Lunges
  • 10 x Mountain climbers
  • 10 x Side plank with rotation
  • 10 Butt lifts

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