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Shoalhaven, the great escape

November 11, 2016
shoalhaven, the great escape

Pretty chuffed with ourselves. Kid free weekend, glamping, adventure…. did I mention no kids?

*** This is not a sponsored post***

***The city of Shoalhaven invited me away for a weekend of adventure at thier expense. I made my itinerary, I did what I wanted to do, and I did not recieve any cash payment.***

There I stood on a deserted beach on a Friday afternoon. Barely another person near, except for the one I wanted. Hardly a house to see, no noise except the sea birds and gentle lapping of water. No place to be except right here and I exhaled.

shoalhaven, the great escape

Arriving right on dusk after hightailing from the city on a friday afternoon…. a short walk to the Husskison pub for a coldie was in order.

When I think about running away I always dream of running coastal. I like the hills well enough but for me, the place that my soul feels most comfortable always involves an ocean view, the smell of salt in my nostrils, sand between my toes (and often peppering the base of my shower due to bikini bottom stowaways.)

shoalhaven, the great escape

Explorationing. It’s a thing.

There is a place nearby, just a couple of hours in my car, where everything is unspoilt. A perfect place to breathe.

This is my third or fourth time to this beautiful region of Shoalhaven and every time I come I wonder if I could just up and leave my life and move here?

My man (he really needs a nom de plume if he’s going to keep cropping up) said over and over “it’s so undeveloped and beautiful.”

Endless untouched coastline, with barely a person in sight.

Endless untouched coastline, with barely a person in sight.

Miles and miles of golden beaches with no one on them. Rolling waves perfect for surfing, or paddling or cooling your summer skin. Dolphins and whales who all know perfection when they see it so choose to live here or visit annually.

Shoalhaven - The great escape

Seriously, you could runaway for reals in this bad boy.Shoalhave

It’s no secret I’m not a camper, but in light of my upcoming subzero camping adventure when Glamping Out, and Husskison White Sands Tourist Park offered to break me in gently with fancy camping, I jumped at the chance.

The evening light was magic as we arrived but later as the rain rolled in through the night I snuggled down into my comfy, warm bed lulled by the pattering on my yurt-like structure.

shoalhaven, the great escape

The Hussky Pub, an institution. It used to be crusty but now it’s fancy as.

shoalhaven, the great escape

Catching last light….

Not a drop inside our tent. We were perfectly cocooned with our complimentary wine and chocolates, and dream-catcher – as you do – while the wind whipped across the Huskisson headland. Sweet dreams all round FYI. 

A drive through the hills to Milton for a breakfast adventure was the perfect way to get moving. Regional towns used to be all about milk bars, fish and chips, and bacon and egg rolls, but a new insurgence has risen with incredible food utilising regional produce and creating garden to plate delicacies.

shoalhaven, the great escape

Milk Haus is one such place, and I loved everything about it. The chickens, the gardens boasting the food I was about to eat, the fireplace in the corner with a couch inviting you to lie and warm yourself.

shoalhaven, the great escape

See what I mean? There’s even a blankie.

Ex-designer, Danielle, moved from Canberra with a dream and she has created a magic space in an old dairy. She invited us to explore her garden, not because she saw my camera, but because I was oohing over her menu and range of pickles. She picked me as a foodie. Her passion was evident, as was her pride as she showed us what she’d created and talked us through the plan for the future. 

shoalhaven, the great escape

Danielle, and her increds garden.

We all laughed talking about my planned surf lesson with local surf legend, Pam Burridge, in a few short hours. Hardy ha ha, sooooo funny if you don’t have to get your bum freezing wet.

It was 13 degrees out and, while Pam and I would have done it if our lives depended on it, we decide to chat over a drink at Bannister’s Pavilion instead. I tried not to fan girl Pam as she talked about growing up on the Aussie waves and hitting the world circuit, couch surfing around the world when she was still in her teens. 

shoal haven, the great escape

Look at my head, trying to look casual – totally fan girling.

They were crazy days, she said. Now she’s a mum of teens and runs a surf school and lives in a magic part of the world.

We had an action packed day planned but the weather chose something different for us. No complaints from us becasue our lives are usually so fast, an afternoon nap was a welcome change.

Of course we two little pigs ate our way through town. The Husky pub provided solid fare, and Wild Ginger didn’t disappoint with its uptown Thai and cocktails, but the stand out for me was breakfast at 5 Little Pigs.

shoal haven, the great escape

5 Little Pigs. These people are not pigs. They look lovely and stylish.

shoal haven, the great escape

Working off breakfast. And dinner. And all of yesterday actually.

When the weather cleared it was time to smash out all of our adventure activites like frenzied triathletes, but after the amount we’d eaten I was ready to get moving. A bike ride along the coastal path with Jervis Bay Bikes was the perfect warm up, before our Trees Adventure exstravanganza.

I tell you, I actually nearly kacked my dacks at least twice on this incredible course.

shoal haven, the great escape

That’s him, flying foxing. Not kacking at all.

Seriously, I thought after doing some indoor rock climbing I would be all over this, but this is proper adrenalin. Challenging both mentally and physically, we absolutely loved it.

We headed home, and I kid you not, half an hour of the journey was hatching our next escape plan down south, maybe next time it will be permanent.

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