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The best way to exhaust your kids

December 14, 2016

micro scooter

*** This is not a sponsored post but I was gifted a Micro scooter which I legitimately enjoy riding, and will legitimately ride the shit out of becasue scooting with your kids is properly ace fun***

We’re a family that loves speed. I’m not talking about ice pipes, I mean going fast.

We were all about three wheels not that long ago, then we were about two wheels, and now some of us are on four wheels, but as long as we can go fast we’re pretty chuffed with ourselves.

I’m not referring to monster trucks (although the boy would probs dig that crazy shit), not hot rods or motorbikes. We’re not talking sports cars or remote control cars… no, no.

the best way to exhaust your kids

We’re all about skate boarding and scooting. Or scootering. Or scootererering. Whatever you want to call it.

the best way to exhaust your kidsAce scooter brand, Micro, contacted me recently and offered me a swapsy. The deal was, they’d give me a scooter if I told them where my favorite place to scoot was so naturally I jumped on that deal because I was clearly getting the better end of it.

A lime green Mini Micro was D Man’s first love. Kiki gave it to him when she was born because she wanted her big brother to think she was the bomb. He thought the scooter was the bomb and she was mostly ok so the plan kinda worked. High fives mummy and daddy for such sheer brilliance.

We’ve since gone on to roll with all manner of rides, but that ol’ faithful is still in the collection that graces my front porch like a scooter version of Cheers.

the best way to exhaust your kidsI’ve never thought to share our favorite place to scoot for two reasons.

One, I would hate for it to suddenly get packed out and two, it just never actually occured to me, but the fact is, our fave place to hang with our wheels has got a little bit of something for everyone so we often take friends there to partake in at least two or three of the parkside activities.

the best way to exhaust your kids

We go to Bicentennial Park South in Rockdale because a) it has a skate park so you can get a bit of skate bowl action happening (read: totally get in the way of the big boys doing tricks but they are actually always super careful and patient with the little ones….and mums who have to run into the middle and pull a crying kid out), b) it has a cycle and scooter track that runs around the entire area, c) it has a play park area and d) it has a duck river with ducks that love to eat our bread crusts.

Full disclosure, something was very wrong with the duck pond this day.... it's radioactive or something because that colour ain't right.

Full disclosure, something was very wrong with the duck pond this day…. it’s radioactive or something because that colour ain’t right.

The reason this park with its plethora of activites is the bomb is because everyone in my family has the attention span of a gnat so even if they get sick of each activity after 10 minutes we can do a few different things and still manage to burn their energy and tucker them right out. Winning, right?

the best way to exhaust your kids

So we skate for a bit, we scoot for a bit, we play for a bit, we duck for a….. yeah, you get the picture.

The other thing I love about this park is that it’s only a five minute drive to Brighton-Le-Sands where we went for a pizza and an icecream when we’d finished this shoot. I figured we’d earned a treat (and I may have bribed them somewhat.)

the best way to exhaust your kids

Want some tips on scooter safety? Check this out.

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  • Reply Rachel December 14, 2016 at 7:57 am

    I believe that’s know as an algae bloom going on in the duck creek!
    Cool new scooter- is that a grown up two wheeler you’re riding on?

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