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These shoes are made for walking and Bobux Shoes Kids+ $200 giveaway

March 15, 2017

bobux kids+ *** This is a sponsored post, but you seriously want to try to win these shoes for reals***

I really don’t know what my kids do to their shoes. Not only do they grow out of them every five minutes, but if I don’t buy good ones they fall apart in about two seconds. Aside from trainers, which I thrash, or Ugg boots which get stinky and mysterious holes, I can make an average pair of shoes last for years, but my kids? Nuh uh. It must have something to do with the fact that I have a multitude of pairs to choose from and they have only one or two on the go at a time, but we shan’t quibble over semantics. bobux kids+The fact is, kids always need new shoes. If you’re going to fork out for good shoes you want well made, flexible and durable shoes that are going to last the distance. As tempting as cheap, or even fashionable but unsupportive, shoes may be you also should really insist on shoes designed with foot health in mind. The thing with little feet is they are still forming and growing so little feet really need good shoes. You can scrimp on the entire rest of the wardrobe, but you really ought to think about the getting the best shoes you can afford. Enter Bobux shoes with their new Kids+ range… and this competition really. bobux kids + We recently went to the launch of the new Bobux Shoes Kids+ range at Skyzone in Sydney and I really loved not just the look, but also the feel of these shoes. I also loved being given a pair or two for my kids to try, but in all honesty, they have barely taken them off. D Man is wearing his boots every day to school even though I was hoping to save them for winter. D Man is wearing his boots every day to school even though I was hoping to save them for winter. Looks like I’ll be buying them in brown too. And some in red for Kiks. Whether you’re looking for bubbas first shoes, everyday trainers, slip-ons, or super-styley winter boots (sorry, no shoes for grown ups as yet but I would be first in line to buy the zebra kicks) Bobux shoes have you covered. Podiatrist designed, easy to put on and pass the toughest test of being cool in my kids’ eyes, I really can honestly say these shoes rock. Now, I admit they’re not super cheap, but as we just said if there’s one place you spend money on squirts it should be their footwear. bobux kids + But this is where the good news is… To celebrate the launch of their new Kids+ range, Bobux shoes and I are teaming up to give you and a friend $100 each to buy some new shoes. 

All you have to do is enter here via a Rafflecopter giveawaytake a look at this catalogue and pick the shoes you want, tell me on social media and tag a friend who you want to give a hunned dollar voucher to, and get them to pick their shoes too. bobux kids+You both need to agree to going on the Bobux shoes mailing list, but they promise they won’t spam… they just want to send you new catalogues when they drop so you never miss a Bobux shoe again. Then in seven days I’ll pick a random winner and you and your buddy will win $100 gift voucher each. Simples. bobux kids +In the meantime here’s an action shot of action man getting all busy in his rocking work style boots.  

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